Can I have that with cherries on top?

Many of you have a “product” of some kind.  It may be a gadget, a painting, a box of brownies, or an ebook.  Whatever it is, start thinking up ways to “repurpose” your product – ways to change the delivery, tweak the original, or add value.

I want you to be able to have multiple streams of income.  Having a variety of products for your prospects will immediately add to your streams.  We are constantly creating new products here at 48 Days, and the list of possibilities just keeps growing.  You should be able to do the same with any product you have.

If you watch marketing geniuses like Brendon Burchard, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy or McDonalds and Subway, you’ll see how they repackage any content they have.

Here are some examples of taking the same content and repurposing it to maximize your profits:

Let’s say you’ve written a traditional book on the merits of eating organic food.

That book will sell for about $20.00

  • Make that an e-book and you can expect $39-49.00.  (People are always amazed at this.  A hardback book has printing costs, shipping, etc. whereas an e-book has none of those costs – yet commands a higher perceived value.)
  • Make that a 3-Ring binder with same content and sell it for $197 – $297.
  • Add two audio CDs and it will now sell for $297 – $497.
  • Create a teleseminar with product included and you can ask $397 – $697.
  • Invite people to a two-day live event to cover the principles and you’re at $497 – 997.
  • Offer personal coaching to implement the principles for $2500 – 4500.

Just get used to asking, “What else do they need or want?”

I write a daily blog, do a weekly newsletter and record a weekly podcast.  Those have a lot of overlap in content – BECAUSE they attract different audiences.  Your prospective customers want your product in different formats.  Get used to the idea that the whole world is not a candidate for your product – but you can increase your customer base dramatically by offering your product in different ways.  Look at what McDonald’s does with a simple hamburger – you can personalize it in about 20 different ways.

Keep in mind these all require a clear marketing plan.  You have to SELL what you have.  But you can use the options listed here to make your product increasingly appealing.  Look at the creative groupings we have for 48Days Products.

What are you doing to leverage your original product?

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