I’m Otta Here

General Motors announced today that they will be offering buyout packages to their entire U.S. hourly workforce – 74,000 workers.  These “please leave” packages will offer between $45,000 and $65,000 to leave the property now.  And that’s with continuing full pension and health care coverage.  If you’ve been there 10 years and you’re willing to give that up as well, you can just grab a cool $140,000 and ride off into the sunset. Here’s where hard negotiating has gotten a GM worker today.  The current UAW member at GM has an average base of $28.12 an hour – but, with … Read More

That Was My Idea!

I love seeing innovative ideas come to life.  I like watching Donnie Deutsch’s The Big Idea where he interviews people like friends Julie and Mindee with their new product Boogie Wipes.  A simple idea with a clear business plan.  Then I see kids working on biomedical ideas to come up with winning products like a recent team from Johns Hopkins University.  They developed the Ratavirus Vaccination.  This dry form vaccine will eliminate problems associated with refrigerating and distributing liquid form vaccines in less-developed countries.  The 2007 second place submission, entitled enLight: Enabling Life with Light, was developed by students at … Read More

Now I’m Broke and My Wife is Not Happy

Each week I create a new online radio podcast – answering a few of the many questions we receive. Here are some of this week’s questions you can hear discussed on Dan’s Online Radio Show. I began this podcast with a 15 minute tirade about MLM companies.  Yes, they are a hot potato issue – lots of negatives and some positives — but the real issue is whether the business model is a fit for you.  Listen for my explanations about how to evaluate any business idea. And then these questions: 1.  Yesterday, my boss pulled me into her office … Read More

The Sky is Falling — Isn’t It?

The headlines screamed this week – Jobs Cutbacks, Jobs Lost, Job Losses.  The Labor Department has reported that total job numbers were down by 17,000 in January, the first monthly decline since August 2003.  Remember the wonderful children’s fable The Sky is Falling?  This is an old tale about a chicken who believes the sky is falling.  The phrase “the sky is falling” has become a popular cliché indicating a hysterical belief that disaster is crashing down on us.  In the original story Chicken Little is eating lunch one day when an acorn falls on her head.  She mistakenly assumes … Read More

Go Ahead — Take a Big Sip!

Theologian John S. Dunne tells the story about a group of Spanish sailors who reached the continent of South America after a long and dangerous voyage. They happened to approach right at the headwaters of the Amazon River, an expanse of water so wide the sailors assumed it was a continuation of the Atlantic Ocean. The Amazon River is the greatest river in the world. It contains over 20% of the earth’s fresh water. During the rainy season it expands to 24.8 miles wide at inland points. Where it opens into the Atlantic Ocean it is 202 miles wide, discharging … Read More

I’m Leaving — and feeling guilty

Each week I create a new online radio podcast — answering a few of the many questions we receive. Here are some of this week’s questions you can hear discussed on the 48 Days Radio Show. 1. My husband started two businesses, for which I am bookkeeper by default. I detest it, it isn’t me. 2. My gift is gab. I’d like to become a professional speaker, but is talent enough? How do I turn talking about nothing into a living? 3. I am currently in a job and soon to graduate from the local community college. I am feeling … Read More

This is a “Recession?”

So the Super Bowl is this Sunday. A recent survey indicates that spending related to the big event could reach an all-time high of $10 billion. Consumers plan to buy nearly 4 million new television sets. And then the 158 million viewers will spend an average of $59.90 on related merchandise, including furniture, food and “beverages.” And this doesn’t even begin to account for the money spent by the advertisers to have a shot at these 158 million TV watchers. Fox is charging a new record $2.7 million for one 30-second slot in Super Bowl XLII. 65 of those babies … Read More

Shift Work

Country music star Kenny Chesney has a new song and video — “Shift Work.”  This is one more of the thousands of songs that have parodied the misery of having to go to work every day.   I know there are some jobs out there that just seem monotonous and boring, but the thing that continuously amazes me is how people claim to be trapped.  As I look around I see work opportunities everywhere – and the opportunity for each of us to choose what we want to do. Yes I know the tendency is to get the cart before the horse … Read More

How Low Can We Go?

Last week, here in the wonderful city of Nashville, TN representative Rob Briley apologized for his recent behavior.  While on a drunken rampage, he led the police down busy streets at 100 mph, cursed at the officers as they handcuffed him and then pleaded with them to shoot him in the head.  His wife says he has repeatedly been unfaithful and she’s filed for divorce.   But last week, from the front of the house chamber, he acknowledged having problems and asked for forgiveness.  Some of his colleagues applauded and hugged him.  It seems all is well and we can go … Read More

Get Paid to Leave Your Job?

In this morning’s news Ford has announced they will offer buyouts and early retirement packages to 54,000 workers.  Obviously they are attempting to cut more jobs and replace those highly paid workers with those making about half the pay. So the question is:  Are there any losers in this deal or can everybody win?  One of the stories I tell in No More Mondays is about a gentleman who said he hated his job for 17 years, and then was offered a $140,000 buyout.  And he was having a major struggle in making his decision.  My response was essentially – … Read More