Are you “Fully Alive?”

Well it’s official – Mondays barely make the cut as productive days.  In a recent survey conducted by staffing firm Accountemps, 57% of executives said Tuesday was the most productive day of the week.  Only 12% ranked Monday as the most productive.  Of course Friday tailed off with a 3% ranking.  When I chose the title No More Mondays I wasn’t trying to erase Mondays – only the negative stigma we’ve allowed to build around that day.  I want you to love Mondays as much as Fridays.  Oh yeah – that’s what having fulfilling work can do.  If the thought … Read More

Lawn Mower or Porsche?

If you don’t combine your passion with your work you will never achieve excellence and fulfillment.  I imagine it kind of like having a lawn mower engine in a Porsche.  Yeah, it will move along but it can hardly get out of the way of other traffic and it sure doesn’t give you the thrill and exhilaration that driving a Porsche should.  (I took a friend’s Porsche 959 for a spin recently.  It had been modified from its original 331hp to 615 horsepower – what a rush!) Every week I hear from lots of people who are still trying to … Read More

The Gift of Napping

I hate to be so late in notifying you that a couple weeks ago, March 12th, was National Napping Day.  I was probably napping myself when the original notice arrived.  Just today, my accountant was here working on monthly reports.  I checked with her to be sure I would not be needed for 20 minutes and then disappeared into another room.  She was amazed that I just reappeared – all refreshed and ready to go.  I find that I function much better if I respond to being tired by taking a short nap – rather than just forcing myself to … Read More

How Wealthy Are You?

In the book Thou Shall Prosper, Rabbi Daniel Lapin says “Money is a metaphor for the strength of your human relationships.”  If that is true, then it follows that if I want more money all I have to do is work on strengthening my relationships.  My wife Joanne is a licensed volunteer at the Tennessee Prison for Women.  Just this week she told me about one of her friends there who is being released on Tuesday.  The woman she referenced will leave the prison with no clothes except those she is wearing, no furniture, no job prospects, no money and … Read More

Five Dollars — or Twelve Thousand?

Last Sunday Joanne and I went to a big art show here in Nashville.  50 artists had been invited to show and sell their work.  You might say I’m a novice when it comes to understanding art.  So I walk in and I see a $3 canvas with maybe $2 worth of paint on it.  Thus my starting point for seeing the value of a piece is about $5.  Or we could measure it or weigh it to get another measurement of what the price should be.  Then I glance at the price and see that it’s $12,000.  And I … Read More

The “Instapreneur”

I have always loved the term “entrepreneur” and have considered myself one since I was old enough to say the word.  Several years ago I coined the term “Eaglepreneur.”  Go ahead, check it out – see where this takes you:  Now I’m seeing other variations, like “Instapreneur.” Here’s the deal.  Today you can be in business with no start-up capital, no inventory, no employees, no warehouses, no minimum orders, no sign permits, no leases and no long-term commitment.  Just jump on an idea and start shipping products this afternoon. If you want to write a book but don’t have … Read More

Hire Me — Please

It’s been a couple of years now that I’ve been hammering the message that the workplace is changing.  And I keep running into people who are alarmed that things are not the way they used to be.  Just yesterday on a radio interview I had a caller who was distraught that he was losing his job after 27 years with the same company.  But then again, it is not the “same company.”  There have been multiple mergers and acquisitions along the way.  All his old bosses and co-workers are gone, yet he is angry that they are now pushing him … Read More

Change Your Stars?

I’m in Reno, Nevada this morning.  Joanne and I joined some friends in Grass Valley, CA and then rode the train up from Colfax to Reno.  Walking through the casinos last night reminded me of the many poorly thought-out ways people try to improve their position in life.  I’d like to think that the people here are just having a little harmless fun – maybe spending $20 in the same way you would ride the roller coaster just for the thrill of it.  And yet I don’t see that simple enjoyment in these people sitting in front of the slot … Read More

A Blog Coach?

I recently did an interview with my blog coach — yes my blog coach.  Whenever I explore a new opportunity I look for someone who is already an expert in that area, and then I engage them to coach me.  I’ve posted that interview with my blog coach Bill Seaver right here on the 48 Days Online Radio Show.  In this podcast I ask Bill questions like: Why should anyone care about blogging? How can a person use new media tools to promote what they do? Who are a couple of common people you’ve seen this work for? How does … Read More

Am I gifted to be self-employed?

Each week I select some of the most interesting questions submitted and answer them in a 48-minute podcast.  Here are a few of this today’s edition.  You can listen immediately here on 48 Days Online Radio.  1. Over the past few years I have lost over 200lbs through a self-developed regimen. I wrote a book that is for sale on my website, I would like to become a personal trainer with the niche in helping people over 150lbs overweight. Do I need to be certified? What do you suggest as far as a certification approach? 2. I have children’s stories I … Read More