1. Five fatal flaws for your job search 2. Is it better to have real work experience, or to do something enjoyable and fun? 3. What are the top three things a person can do to live the best life possible for them? 4. What should I do if people don't value my work anymore? 5. I have been seeking what I want to do with my life halfheartedly. I get inspired, and then I die out. Quotation “Make Read more »
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Monday night I spoke to a large Career Transition group in Brentwood Tennessee.  I met lots of people who are in the process of moving through unexpected transitions.  Some have welcomed the opportunity to redirect and know they are moving to work that is more in alignment with their dreams.  But I also talked to many who were discouraged, convinced the economy is bad and no one is hiring. Here Read more »

Let it Go – really

Dan Miller —  April 22, 2014 — 2 Comments
Okay, if you have children, are a child, know a child, have heard of a child, or are anyone alive on the face of the earth, you recognize Let it Go as a song from the new Disney movie Frozen.  Queen Elsa sings this when she realizes she no longer needs to hang on to what she thought was necessary. Yesterday this wasp landed on my mirror at a red light.  I decided to see if he could hang on at Read more »
48Days.net member Jack Warren from Illinois posted a forum question, wondering what it is about attending events at the Sanctuary that make them so special.  A reasonable question - isn’t it just one more time of sitting in a seat hearing new and helpful information?  This week we’ll have another gang here for Coaching with Excellence and spots are being filled quickly for another Innovate coming Read more »

Does This Scare You?

Dan Miller —  April 18, 2014 — 1 Comment
Is God beating me up or trying to get me to move? How can I break out of our capitalistic system and still survive? Should I just build my business or get a job as a safety net? Should I take a pay cut and hate my work to make my wife happy? I want to find my passions and dream vocation really bad but it’s like my brain and heart are drowning. Click to tweet Read more »