Want to be David or Goliath – you get to choose!

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As you recall from your Bible history, Goliath was an experienced soldier.  He had all the latest equipment – shield, body armor, sword, and helmet.  Not only was he a big, big guy, but he thought all his fancy equipment would protect him.  David, on the other hand, had none of the fancy stuff.  He had a strong faith in God, a lot of personal confidence, an exercised and toned body and the ability to move and act quickly. In…

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Want to hear about my comfortable misery?

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I frequently draw from the wisdom of the Peanuts comic strip.  In one episode, Lucy announces, “Boy, do I feel crabby!” Her little brother Linus, is quick to try to rescue his sister.  “Maybe I can be of help. Why don’t you just take my place here in front of the TV while I go and fix you a nice snack?  Sometimes we all need a little pampering to help us feel better.”  Then Linus brings her a sandwich, a…

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Apparently God wants me to be miserable

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Apparently God wants me to be miserable I’m trying to just serve God rather than follow my own dreams. Why am I still a wretch? Does God want me to go to Africa? I’ve been called to full time ministry. “That each of them may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all their toil—this is the gift of God.”  “Ecclesiastes 3:13 (NIV) Show Notes: Episode – 08-19-16 Title: N/A Subtitle: N/A Summary: In this episode, Dan Sponsored By: Casper…

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Not till God tells me………

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“Dan! I’m feeling like I’m in a dead-end situation, but I’m not going to move until God tells me to do so!” I received this note recently from a reader – and it represents thousands of similar notes I’ve received over the last 20 years. The writer continues, “Dan, I’m miserable, frustrated, anxious, sick, exhausted, bored, nervous, worried, concerned, restless, fearful, frightened, apprehensive, troubled, upset, angry, exasperated, incensed, infuriated, discouraged, aggravated, maddened, offended, disappointed, distressed, anguished, tormented, suffering, afflicted, suffering,…

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Do you know why you’re here?

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Is it true that most people know their “calling?” Peter Drucker spent most of the last 10 years of his life working with non-profits, much of that with mega church leaders. In the book Drucker & Me, here’s what he told his friend Bob Bufford about “calling.” “I am convinced that many, if not most, serious believers at some level understand what their calling is, but that understanding may be buried under years of busyness and distraction.  Yet, that suppressed…

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Just keep dancing

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Just keep dancing I feel like I’ve missed the boat when answering the question ‘why am I here?’ Are people born entrepreneurs or can I learn to be one? – 18 Characteristics of Entrepreneurs I have been a nurse practitioner for 11 years and have found it draining emotionally and mentally, depleting any creativity I may have. Should I pay $2095 for my 1st choice domain name? How did you meet Dave Ramsey? “And those who were seen dancing were thought…

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Are entrepreneurs born or developed?

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This week, podcast listener Paul Vandermill asked, “Can becoming an entrepreneur be a progression rather than a predisposition?” I love that question.  Is a person just born an entrepreneur or can anyone learn to be successful on their own?  There is no “right” or “wrong” about being an entrepreneur.  But you need to ask yourself if it is a fit for you.  Here’s an overview. DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR? Do you have what it…

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Stop getting smarter and do something

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Stop getting smarter and do something How can I spend only 15 hours a week but still build a side business? What should I do now that I proposed a high dollar figure to a company that wants me? I am 50 and starting over. As a 33 year old family man, it may be too late for me or simply out of reach. Should I push to move from technical work into management? How can I start making $1,000-…

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Is this outrageous or just cool?

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I recently heard about one of our local residents who has just purchased a pretty cool car.  Being a car guy, that always gets my attention.  In this case the local resident is Keith Urban who was spotted parking his $2.7 million Bugatti Veyron as he showed up for rehearsals.  Now before you go crazy about how obscene this is let’s put in perspective.  Yeah, Keith lives in the same county as I do so right off the bat, there’s the…

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It’s not fair that those immigrants are so successful here

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It’s not fair that those immigrants are so successful here How can I get past my “inner thermostat setting” that’s holding me back? My kids want to earn money and the chore dollars don’t go very far. I can’t be successful where I live. Can I pay an intern as a contract worker? How do a create an income from my preaching and teaching? “We all have the responsibility to be the leader we wish we had.”  Simon Sinek  Show…

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