1. If new options create stress and dilute hope (which seems to be true in my experience) then isn’t ignorance really a better life? 2. As I explore self improvement and the pursuit of a better life, and try to share this information with my family I am so disappointed in the responses I am getting. 3. How can entrepreneurs recession-proof their business pursuits? 4. Is it possible for Read more »

Be Selfish

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I had a conversation with my daughter about a year ago that brought to light a truth for both of us.  The gist of it went along the line of her wanting me to watch her three girls while she went to an appointment.  Instead of politely declining I went into a long diatribe about how much I was being pulled into so many directions and was physically and emotionally drained.  At the time of this Read more »
The unexpected changes happening today are causing a lot of people to think they have “failed.”  But have they really, or is that occurrence a necessary step toward success?  Is it possible to be extraordinarily great in any area of our lives without going through those inevitable “failures?”  Can a world-class golfer get to greatness without hitting a lot of balls in the lake?  Can faith Read more »

Gimme a raise!

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It’s the beginning of another year and many of you are hoping for a raise in 2015.  Ask yourself this:  How much did I increase revenue for the company in 2014?  How much profit did I make my employer today?”  If the answer is “a lot” you have a shot at getting a raise this year.  If the answer is “none,” it’s time to get your resume updated. An employee cannot be just an expense Read more »

How rich are you?

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1. Here are 6 habits of the rich 2. Why being a homeless college student is a bad sign 3. My husband’s had 4 jobs in 18 months 4. I feel very attacked by Satan 5. Should my blog be for-profit or non-profit 6. Your books and podcasts have ruined me “Focus on what you are moving to, not what you’re moving from.” Dan Miller Other Notes: CasperSleep.com/48days  Read more »
According to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) reports, we have 58,000 homeless college students in America today.  And that number doesn’t account for those who choose not to report their cases.  This is a number that is 75 percent more than three years ago. And then we hear things like this:  "These are people who get it," said Kathleen O'Neill, who directs Single Stop USA Read more »

You’re Fired

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One day in 1990, A.K. Verma went on what you might call "extended" leave from his job as a senior electrical engineer at India's Central Public Works Department. He hasn’t shown up for work since. And it finally caught up to him: Verma was sacked for his absence — on Jan. 8, after 25 years as a no-show.  He did ask for a leave but then just never came back.  I can’t imagine a company having Read more »

A new kind of rich

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We are still enjoying the holidays with friends and family and on Sunday took my brother and his wife to Leiper’s Fork, TN.  This is a tiny community near our house that’s home to some of the biggest names in country music and is known for its artistic and down-home feel. We ate lunch at Joe’s Natural Foods.  Joe told us he used to be a hedge fund manager in New York City and then got involved Read more »
1. How do I get over my fear of starting? 2. I'm afraid I stayed in one place for so long that I lost my identity. 3. Do you believe an apprentice-style, entry-level position in coaching is possible to find or create? 4. If I use the concepts in "48 days" now, will I secure a job before graduation. 5. Is it a good idea to try growing a band and also growing a side business? "I Read more »
Tabula Rasa -- This is actually a Latin term meaning “clean slate.”  People who end up being successful usually view change differently than the average person.  And here at the beginning of 2015 we have an opportunity to begin with a clear slate. It was a cold December night in West Orange, New Jersey. Thomas Edison's factory was humming with activity. Work was proceeding on a variety of fronts Read more »