This is the time of year when we all receive an avalanche of requests for donations to worthy causes and organizations.  I just got one - from a very respected men’s leadership program.  The letter says surveys show the men who participate become better friends, parents, husbands, employees and bosses.  I myself am a graduate of the program and totally believe in its merits.  The two-year program Read more »
One of our newer coaches asked me recently, “Should I just give up or wait a little longer?”  She’s a very competent lady with an impressive corporate background and is very capable of coaching others in her profession.  She has her website up, has done one small workshop and has one paying client.  But she’s discouraged by the slow pace of response and new business. Business success Read more »
I just read about an interview Darren Hardy (publisher SUCCESS magazine) did with David Foster, the famous music producer who’s worked with Celine Dion, Josh Groban, Michael Buble, Beyonce and many others.  At 65 years old David continues to work far more than 40 hours per week. Darren wondered why.  With wealth and fame why wouldn’t David take a break?  Isn’t the goal to make enough money Read more »
1. It sickens me how desperate I've become trying to turn my life around 2. I just graduated with my Bachelors In Business Administration with a focus on Entrepreneurship in just over a year and for just under $10,000 3. Should I find a need and fill it or follow my passion? 4. Here’s a free book - 5 Ways to Make Money as a Starving Artist "Only those who risk going too far can Read more »

Interrupt me – please!

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At this time of year I love setting goals and encourage everyone I meet to do the same.  Most every notable accomplishment I’ve experienced I can track back to having a clear goal.  However, I know that some of you just resist the process, believing that setting goals takes the spontaneity out of life.  That you will never again be allowed to impulsively go to the movies, take a walk or enjoy Read more »

When hope is gone…..

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This is a time of year when many people are confronted with the fact that their dreams did not come true, their job still stinks, and life is no better than last year.  What do you do when hope seems to be fading?  But is it realistic to lose hope if the car breaks down or you lose your job? A couple of years ago just before Christmas, Joanne and I had the pleasure of doing a 2-hour presentation Read more »
I re-organized my books in my office in the Sanctuary recently – that’s my barn there in the picture – we call it our Sanctuary.  As I was going through nearly 1000 books, I reserved an entire bookcase for those traditionally and self-published books you readers have sent me.  I love seeing the personal passions put between two covers.  But more than the value of the stories themselves is Read more »
1. Can I make big money with vending machines? 2. Should I believe my optimistic friends about making money in video production? 3. How did that real estate guy learn how to make money? Quotation -  "“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” ― Albert Einstein Resources: - use code 48 Days for a $5.00 discount, and change the way you shave forever. BoostCareerCoaching Read more »
Last weekend while shopping for some office supplies, I overheard an angry customer blast an obscenity at a very young female clerk.  She apparently did not have the information he was looking for – and he screamed that he wanted to see the manager.  As the next customer I assured the frightened clerk that the behavior she had just seen was not acceptable and should not be tolerated – but she Read more »

Just drifting through life

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I recently worked with a 60 year-old gentleman who was living in a week-to-week motel room.  Four years ago he was in a banking position with a six-figure income, first class flights and lots of perks.  As a result of a merger, he quickly ended up with no job, no money and no prospects of either.  He stated, “I have essentially drifted through life.”  It’s funny how not having a plan can Read more »