Are you living the American Dream?

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Are you living the American Dream? Am I an entrepreneur or do I just have a hobby? What can a Christian wife do (besides nagging, which doesn’t work!) to help her husband find a new path and a new direction? Im asking for your help to work my way into a Tony Robins event. I’ve been trying to launch a family coaching business with lower income families but I am competing with not for profits who will do it for…

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I’m living the American Dream man!

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This week I was eating lunch with one of my granddaughters at Taco Bell (yes, it’s easy for vegetarian grandkids).  Sitting nearby were two overweight workers, with names and company represented clearly on their shirts.  Another guy walked in, recognized them and asked, “Hey, how’s it going?” To which Lee responded: “I’m working just enough to look busy and then I go home and knock back a few beers.  I’m living the American Dream man!”  The next day I had…

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Do You Have One Good Idea?

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  Do You Have One Good Idea? What should I do with $50,000? If you could recommend 5 books for young teenagers to read, what would they be? How important are personal skills for success? What are the most common traits of millionaires? Show Notes: Episode – 05-20-16 Title: N/A Subtitle: N/A Summary: In this episode, Dan tackles the question: “Do you have one good idea?” A single good idea can change your life: but you need to know how…

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I’ve been let go and I’m angry

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Losing a job can lead to anger, resentment, guilt and depression. Just recently I was working with a gentleman who having lost his job, tried to reposition himself and do a job search, only to become discouraged after just a few days with no success. He was hiding out from his wife, pretending to be doing a job search, while in reality he was going to the library to surf the Internet and read magazines. He consoled himself in fast…

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Don’t forget how to fish

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We’ve all heard the old saying, “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.”  How do you best help someone who is struggling?  If third-world natives are living in poverty, should we send them money?  Or could we teach them how to plant crops or provide a goat that will nourish their family and allow them to sell the excess milk?  If an unmarried woman has…

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Can you build a bigger table?

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Can you build a bigger table? How can I move from awesome corporate success to my own venture? Do you think it’s necessary to trademark a business name? Limited funds, and debt are a never-ending battle in moving my career forward. My standard of life does not match my blueprint, but I don’t know how to change my blueprint. How could I frame it so my employer would see the value of “paying me for my work instead of my…

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And the donkey died because………

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Here’s a story from No More Dreaded Mondays: You may know the medieval logic dilemma of the donkey that is placed equidistant from two piles of food of equal size and quality—a perfectly symmetrical situation. If the behavior of the donkey were completely rational, it would have no reason to prefer one pile to the other; therefore, it could not decide which pile to eat first. So it would remain in its original position and starve to death. This dilemma…

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Did today matter?

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Did today matter? My own company wants to get rid of me.  How should I deal with this problem? Every day I spend here feels like my soul is being sucked dryer and dryer of my creative life-juices. Do I need to trademark in addition to getting the domain name for my business? “Many people trade their dream for a car payment.”  Chris Guillebeau Show Notes Episode – 05-06-16 Title: N/A Subtitle: N/A Summary: In this episode, Dan tackles the…

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Janusian Thinking

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This morning I was listening to an audiotape series by Mike Vance, one of the most creative thinkers in history.  He described what he calls Janusian thinking.  In Greek mythology, Janus had two faces looking in opposite directions.  Thus the concept of looking at any situation in opposite ways.  You could work more hours to be more successful, or you could work less.  You could grow your business, or you could make it smaller.  While the first may seem like…

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Do you have this?

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You probably know I am a student of the eagle.  We have sculptures on our property and I continue to study the characteristics of these magnificent creatures.  I’m working on a new book, “Why Eagles Fly”.   Here’s another important trait we see, dealing with the willingness to stand alone if necessary. Gracious Autonomy – not an arrogant self-centeredness, but a comfortable willingness to go alone if necessary.  The Latin saying “Aquila non captat musca” (The Eagle doesn’t catch flies) is…

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