Stop asking for permission

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  Stop asking for permission Do my “nontraditional” educational experiences really have value in the workplace? I make over a $100,000 year, but I don’t really have any skills that could propel me into a new direction. How can I build an audience without having “haters?” What if the negative person in your life is your spouse? I have too many ideas to start my business and achieve what I want. “If you want to achieve greatness stop asking for…

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What if the negative person is my wife?

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Two weeks ago my podcast theme was Stay Away From Negative Friends.  I talked about my 3-hour rule where I’ll spend 3 hours a year with negative friends but certainly not 3 days or 3 weeks on a vacation.  Well, I knew there was the elephant in the room and didn’t address it fully.  I have had a whole lot of you ask this question: I just listened to your podcast about staying away from negative people. What if the…

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I love books …… but

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Growing up in a home without radio or TV drove me to books as a way to expand my little world.  And that little world has expanded from doing simple farm chores like baling hay and milking cows to writing, speaking and coaching today.  Reading allowed to see more and expect more and ultimately to doing, having and being more.  The UPS driver roars up my lane 2 or 3 times a week with new and exciting books to allow…

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Let’s have a “come as you will be” party!

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Let’s have a “come as you will be” party! Should I expect a full time job at the end of the 48 Days process? I’m not sure there is any “work” that I would enjoy doing. Could I make money as a caffeine coach? I find it very frustrating not being able to make decisive decisions. “If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to meet it.”  Jonathan Winters Other Resources: I have an 11-page checklist to help you identify What’s…

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Is your good life making you stupid?

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This concept comes from a story I read in the classic little book I Dare You.  A professor once hit upon a great discovery while buttoning up his vest.  Or rather, he hit upon the discovery because his vest wouldn’t button up.  His little daughter had sewn up some of the buttonholes by mistake.  His fingers were going along as usual in their most intricate operations of buttoning a button, when something happened.  A button wouldn’t button. His fingers fumbled…

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What good is having talent if you’re not using it?

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I have an 11-page checklist to help you identify What’s Holding You Back From Your Dreams?  But read this first. A miser, to make sure of his property, sold all that he had and converted it into a great lump of gold, which he hid in a hole in the ground, and went continually to visit and inspect it. This roused the curiosity of one of his workmen, who, suspecting that there was a treasure, when his master’s back was…

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Stay away from negative “friends”

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  Stay away from negative “friends” Here’s how I’m attending Escaping Shawshank!   Update on Caleb’s progress I’m trying to jump-start my career and it’s depressing to get negative feedback from family and friends. I am discouraged because I feel like I’m not qualified and worthless. What can a Christian wife do (besides nagging) to help her husband find a new path and a new direction? Would you consider advertising through a vehicle wrap on our 30 ft Airstream? “Keep…

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You’re smart enough and good enough but your business is sucking wind

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Remember the old Saturday Night Live skit where the character would stand in front of the mirror and say, “I’m good enough.  I’m smart enough. And doggone it, people like me.”  Well, I wish that were enough to be successful in business – but it’s not. I just spoke with a new author.  She’s done a really good job of writing; did all the hard work and has a beautiful book in her hands.  And now she’s wondering how to…

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Are you ready to be your own boss?

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Many of you have read The E-Myth by Michael Gerber.  In that book Gerber describes what he calls the “Fatal Assumption.”  The Fatal Assumption is this:  that knowing how to do the technical work means you know how to build a business. Gerber clarifies a challenge we’ve all seen played out: If someone knows how to cook well, the fatal assumption is that he/she will automatically have the skills to run a restaurant. An accountant sets up an accounting practice….

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Can you change how you see your circumstances?

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  I really want to make $150,000 + this year.  I saw your interview with Michael Hyatt about how to do that.  Do you think someone can do this starting (nearly) from scratch? How can I get past a poor work history? Can I leave a good job after only 10 months? Life does not allow me to do what I most enjoy. What are your thoughts on the statement, “Jack of all trades and a Master of none.” “We…

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