Stop for a second and imagine with me a New York Times Best Selling Author. What does that life look like in your mind? Traveling the country on a glamorous book tour with a couple of assistants? Writing in the wee hours of morning with the perfect cup of coffee in a cozy, book-filled, window-lined office? Next let’s imagine a successful life coach. Does she spend at least an hour a day getting Read more »
At this time of year we are immersed in college football.  You may have heard that the highest paid employee in each state is usually the football coach at the largest state university.  But sometimes that information is absolutely wrong - sometimes it’s the basketball coach.  Nick Sabin leads the way at Alabama with a pay plan of $5,545,852.  Mack Brown at Texas is close behind at $5,453,750.  Read more »
1. Should I find a career with no sales at all? 2. I’m 3 years from retirement - should I change direction now? 3. Is this a dream from God or a selfish fantasy? 4. The life is draining out of me - should I stay? Quotation -  “Entrepreneurs are people who do not require the social approval of their peers to move forward with their ideas.” -- Malcolm Gladwell Other Read more »

I Know the Secret

Dan Miller —  September 24, 2014 — 5 Comments
Remember a few years back with all the talk regarding the book and movie The Secret?  The basic premise involves a centuries old principle called The Law of Attraction.  The Secret author Rhonda Byrne and her co-presenters maintained that everything that happens in our lives is a result of our thinking.  So if you want a new Mercedes in your driveway, all you have to do is Ask, Believe and Receive.  Read more »

How smart are you?

Dan Miller —  September 23, 2014 — 7 Comments
I just returned to Franklin, TN from the INBOUND conference in Boston. So many new ideas and new connections. Guy Kawasaki talked about the 10 lessons he learned from Steve Jobs. Here's just one: "Changing your mind is a sign of intelligence. When the world thought that changing ones mind was a sign of stupidity, Steve Jobs thought the opposite. Nearly all of us in our everyday lives think that Read more »

But I’m saving so much gas…

Dan Miller —  September 22, 2014 — 5 Comments
Most of you know I’m a car guy - I love everything about cars, from the sleek designs we saw back in the 60s to the thrill of acceleration to the smell of exhaust.  Volkswagen has now produced a car that gets more than 260 miles per gallon.  The XL1 weighs in at just 1,753 pounds, does not have power steering (the module adds too much weight) but it is in fact the most fuel-efficient car in the Read more »

Just start walking?

Dan Miller —  September 19, 2014 — 4 Comments
1. Is poverty required for a life of service? 2. I am having trouble finding my passion and doing work that means something for me. 3. What keeps you and others like you working hard after achieving financial success? 4. What are your thoughts about jumping into real estate part time? 5. I’ve hated my job since I took it two years ago. Quotation -  “Man improves himself Read more »

Just Get a Real Job

Dan Miller —  September 17, 2014 — 21 Comments
I am often asked how I coped with being married to an entrepreneur for so many years.  How did I handle the financial chaos and instability? For four decades, Dan has been an entrepreneur doing everything from cleaning houses to becoming a writer, speaker and coach.  He has sold cars and RVs, vocational schooling packages, telephone/address books, run a health and fitness club, an automotive after-market Read more »

Stop doing that!

Dan Miller —  September 16, 2014 — 3 Comments
If you’re doing what everyone else is doing, you won’t garner significant traffic or income.  If you did something spectacular three years ago, chances are it’s old news now.  Look at how often Apple introduces a new phone, a new iPad or new software updates.  It’s a constant process of introducing the new something.  And look at the companies who tried to keep doing the things that worked Read more »
A couple of years ago I recommended looking at Seth Godin’s book, Purple Cow.  I ordered it immediately when it was released and was one of the fortunate ones who received the book in an actual milk carton.  Seth is a radical marketing guy who makes the case that black, white, and brown cows don’t get our attention – but a Purple Cow; now that would make us look.  He uses this same thinking Read more »