The Glory of God is Man Fully Alive

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This is an interview with Ken Davis, author of Fully Alive How do we move from wishing and dreaming to doing? Do you believe each person has a chance to do “a very special thing?” How do we find the market for what we do – if what we do is something creative? Many people are not comfortable making money with their most creative talents.  What would you say to them? “The glory of God is man fully alive”  …

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Surely this is not my fault

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Shifting personal responsibility has become a national pastime.  Blame, complaining, whining and procrastination are the immediate results.  We see it from the two-year old to the corporate CEO.  Suing McDonald’s because you got fat is the ultimate in finger-pointing for blame.  Just keep in mind no individual can achieve worthy goals without accepting personal accountability.  With clear goals and personal responsibility you can put yourself back in the driver’s seat immediately.  Without those people invariably end up feeling like “victims…

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The Sufferings of Layoff Survivors

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Are you breathing a sigh of relief because you survived the most recent round of layoffs?  CNN reports that there seems to be much more focus on the people getting laid off than on the “survivors”, as we call them.  Marc Detampel, senior manager with Arthur Anderson, says “For those being laid off, there are severance plans, outplacement, counseling, communication, and talk about a ‘soft landing.’  But for the rest of the corporate population, the survivors, there’s almost a philosophy…

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Human Filing Cabinets

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I live in Franklin, TN just south of Nashville.  We have open fields and sprawling pastures with miles and miles of horse fences.  And yet the new office buildings going up don’t seem to recognize the beauty of nature all around us.  The newest development started with a parking garage, then a high rise office building, and now an apartment complex.  Everything seems to be designed to remove the inhabitants from any contact with grass, water or trees.  I don’t…

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If you’re angry you’re losing twice

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1. Am I not getting job offers because of my age – 58? 2. I’ve set aside 20-30 minutes each morning before work to myself but I don’t know what I should be doing during that time. 3. Is your 48 Days Outro song available for purchase on iTunes? 4. Can one put down self-employed/freelance experience on a resume? “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” ― Harry S. Truman Helpful Resources Harrys.com – use 48Days as…

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How to get the exact position you desire

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I just joined an 8-week study group on Living the Principles of Think & Grow Rich.  So I’m re-reading that classic book written back in 1937.  In reading through Step Six I was struck by the process Hill describes for getting the job you want – and how similar it is to what I recommend today, 78 years later.  In fact, I had to wonder how much my thinking was influenced by my first readings of this book many years…

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Escape your Shawshank Prison – this Thursday

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Note: The webinar is over, but you can listen to the replay here I’ve noticed a pattern. People, who are called to create something significant, often encounter significant Resistance. Some call it spiritual warfare or Murphy’s Law. Bestselling author Steven Pressfield identified it as the “Resistance.” His predecessor Freud referred to it as the Death Wish—the destructive force inside human nature that rises whenever we consider a tough, long-term course of action that might do good for others or ourselves. If…

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I’m reading, listening and learning but my life hasn’t changed

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1. The more I listen to your podcast or similar podcasts (Michael Hyatt, Dave Ramsey/Entreleadership) the more helpless I feel in my search for career happiness, at times I’m starting to feel bitter. 2. Dan every night I listen to podcasts, watch ted talks and listen to audio books about finding your passion, starting a business or personal development. I’ve listened to over 30 of the books most entrepreneurs say to read. I’ve done this since 2008. There has been…

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Breaking the Rules for Forward Momentum

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I like breaking the rules. I always have. My biggest difficulty was that I kept trying to break the rules in established areas. This made life problematic in so many ways, but it also created many more opportunities for me. If businesses and institutions just wouldn’t make so many rules, I wouldn’t have to break them. It’s their fault, really. I remember once in a military land navigation course, the instructors released us on a timed exercise. Everyone walked away…

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48 Days – Really?

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“Hi Dan,  I see from your website that if one follows the instructions, one is guaranteed a job within 48 days.  I have been wanting to change careers for 3 years.  I am currently employed full-time.  Are the book’s techniques feasible for someone who has to squeeze info interviews and regular interviews around a full-time job? (My goal is to get a new job within the next 90 days.  I have identified my target and have revised my resume.) One…

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