1. How would you like to make a million dollars wearing this shirt? 2. I feel as if the existence of the rich necessitates the existence of the poor, like it's a zero-sum game. 3. I'm a CPA with 6 years of experience but I've spent most of that time being very frustrated with the "just grind it out" culture. 4. I'm afraid I'm not brave enough to step out and do more yet with my writing. 5. Read more »

Gimme that job…..

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There is a story told about a farmer who grew discontent with his farm.  He complained about the lake on his property that always needed to have the fish thinned out.  The rolling hills made it more difficult for him to run the fence rows.  Sometimes he couldn’t even see his cows because they had so much territory to cover.  At night it was so dark it was hard to walk from the barn back to his Read more »
I got a note from Paul who just joined our Coaching Mastery Program.  He’s an Air Force Veteran and has been working in a government position as an HR Specialist.   He’s passionate about teaching and mentoring others so he decided to go through our coaching program and transition out of his job into full time coaching.  Here’s what happened when he turned in his resignation notice:  “After Read more »
In last week’s Podcast I answered a question from Art: Hello Dan, recently I read 48 Days and No More Mondays. Great books! Like you I'm a car guy! I worked as an ASE certified technician for 6+yrs then opened up a used car lot which let to a bankruptcy (have to admit fixing cars and selling them are completely different). Currently I work for the state and earn only $40,000 a year; I feel like Read more »

Are you a dreamer of the day?

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1. Four years ago, I read 48 Days to The Work You Love and it truly changed my life. 2. How did you decide when a business just isn't working out? 3. Would you recommend that someone show their DISC profile to a potential employer? 4. What can I do to get through this difficult time? 5. I feel like my time is worth way more than I’m being paid! Quotation - "All successful Read more »

In challenging times I see people managing their money better. And I commend them on getting involved with Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University as thousands of you have done. But here’s an important principle — Not only is it important to manage your money better; it’s also important to realize that now is a great time to figure out how to make more money.

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The Virtual “Yes” Man

Dan Miller —  October 14, 2014 — 4 Comments
Someone alerted me to this recently and I just had to pass it along. Would you like some of those great lines to kiss up to your boss? Here….let me carry those boxes. Why that’s the most sensible thing I’ve heard all day. You make it look so much easier than it really is. I don’t see what everyone’s complaining about….I think you’ve been more than fair. I agree with you Read more »

So What do YOU do?

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I had a “friend” once ask me how on earth could I be content with being just a housewife? She and her husband ran a successful business together and they had raised one “perfect” son who didn’t interfere much with their daily schedules.  I have to admit I was a bit put off by her question and probably stammered a bit as I tried to answer nicely (our husbands were friends) without punching Read more »
1. How can I find my real passion in life as a 44 year old single father? 2. Should I be honest in the interview? 3. Am I too old to change careers? 4. Do I have to be a jerk to get promoted? Quotation - “Try to feel defeated and smile big at the same time. You can’t. A big smile gives you confidence and beats fear, rolls away worry, and defeats despondency.” David Schwartz Read more »

Looking Good Baby!

Dan Miller —  October 9, 2014 — 5 Comments

You’re brilliant, you do good work, you’re responsible – and yet, you’re not getting the opportunities you want. Could the problem be your image? Oh sure, you’re saying. That’s an old mentality; today dress doesn’t matter. Everyone is casual in today’s workplace.

Well, studies continuously show that image does matter. You may have the RIGHT to wear jeans with holes in them, have a tattoo on your forearm and ignore using deodorant. But exercising your right to do so will also definitely limit your success and opportunities.

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