Why Eagles fly and Turkeys get eaten

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(I’ve never been able to identify an author for this story, and have taken the liberty to modify it over the years.)      Once upon a time in the long, long ago the Eagle and the Turkey were very good friends. Everywhere they went these friends went together.  It was not uncommon for people to look up and see the Eagle and the Turkey flying side by side through the air.      One day while flying, the Turkey…

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Now is the time to push forward

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Hi Dan,  I’m finishing up a website and resume (I’m a graphic designer) and am hoping to begin the official job search soon. However, should I be concerned that the holidays are approaching? In 48 Days To The Work You Love you suggest that it’s better to NOT contact managers at busy times (Mondays, Fridays, etc…). Would the holiday season/end of the year qualify as an altogether tough time to request interview time? Thanks for your help,  Chad ********************************* Great question! …

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Good for nothing education?

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In this week’s 48 Days Podcast, Joanne and I reviewed the many contributions listeners sent in regarding raising creative and entrepreneurial children.  Many of the submissions expressed dismay with our current models of “education” and how the important skills seemed to be learned outside of a classroom. In my continued research into how education is changing, it became clear this is not exactly a new idea. In 1744, when George Washington was just a twelve-year-old boy, the Collected Chiefs of the Indian Nations…

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The All New 48 Days to the Work You Love Seminar

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For more than a decade, 48 Days to the Work You Love has been instrumental in helping people from all walks of life discover or create work they love. Almost daily I hear from people who followed the process and changed their lives. Earlier this year, my publisher released the tenth anniversary edition of the trade book. It isn’t just a reprinting of the original book; it has approximately 60% brand new content. Since the release of the book, the…

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Have you Decided to be more successful next year?

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Often, we have someone call our office about making a change in his or her life.  We send information and then hear nothing.  Two years later, that person calls and says, “Now I’m ready to really create a plan.”  What I always wonder is, What did they do for those two years?  And usually, when we meet, it confirms my suspicion that they simply continued doing what they had been doing.  We know that we all have a tendency toward…

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Are you running ahead of your soul?

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The story is told of a South American tribe that went on a long march, day after day, when all of a sudden they would stop walking, sit down to rest for a while, and then make camp for a couple of days before going any further.  They explained that they needed the time of rest so that their souls could catch up with them.    (from “Sabbath” by Wayne Muller) Are you working and living without the benefit of…

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I only do business with people who love their work

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I hope it’s clear that I’m doing work I love.  Obviously, I would never settle for less.  But you know what else I won’t settle for?  Doing business with someone who doesn’t like their work.  Do you think I want a mechanic working on my prized cars who hates what he’s doing?  Do you think I’d go to a dentist who despised her profession? (And yes, there are too many in this category.) No, I’ll go to extra lengths to…

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No car but no mortgage either

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As many of you know, my grandparents on both sides were Amish.  So I have deep family roots in that culture.  Every time we visit family and friends in Holmes County Ohio,  I find myself fascinated by the quantity of businesses operating in that strong Amish area. We watch 18-wheelers turn down tiny gravel roads to get to the various businesses tucked among the back roads. The diminishing number of people directly involved in agriculture has affected even this agrarian…

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But I don’t have the degree for the Work I Love

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Here’s a recent question from a reader: QUESTION:  Hello, After hearing about your program on the Dave Ramsey show, I decided to check out your web site.  Your course looks good, but what happens once you find the “work you love” and you aren’t “qualified”?  I went to college for over 4 years, but never actually got a degree.  That little piece of paper is holding me back from a lot of things.  Does your course cover how to get…

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Is he just a bum or a struggling businessman?

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A rushed businessman plunked a dollar into the cup of a man selling pencils on the sidewalk.  Half a block down the street, he turned around and made his way back to the beggar.  “I’m sorry,” he said as he picked out his favorite color in a pencil.  “In my haste I failed to make my purchase.  After all, you are a businessman just like me.  Your merchandise is fairly priced and of good quality.  I trust you won’t be…

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