I was trapped in fear until I stepped off the edge

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If you are a regular reader of my blogs and newsletter, you realize I love to study the characteristics of the eagle.  We have carved wooden eagles and bronze eagles around our property to remind us of the traits that make eagles great. In both the Hebrew and Christian faiths the eagle represents the flight of the soul to heaven.  It is the symbol of faith – the connection with the seen and the unseen  – the substance of things…

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Are you smart enough to be a millionaire?

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Many of you have heard me talk about concepts from “The Millionaire Mind”, by Thomas Stanley.  It’s not a new book but the principles are timeless.  Here are just a few of the key concepts from this significant book: There is no clear correlation between wealth and what we normally expect;  IQ, education, GPA, profession, business chosen, etc.  The only common theme in those who ended up very wealthy is that they found something they love doing, and do it…

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Can I deduct coaching as a job search expense?

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Dan, I came to see you this last year for your “Eagles Club” coaching program.  Can I deduct that as a job search expense?  Yes, you certainly can – but here are some guidelines.  The first requirement is that the job seeker must be searching for a position in the same field as the job he or she just left. You cannot deduct these expenses if: You are looking for a job in a new occupation There was a substantial…

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What makes you unique?

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What am I giving up for my success in business? I want to do something stupid. Is it true that Entrepreneurs suck at mental health? Why don’t we just close our schools for two years and see what happens? What are 12 things that make you unique? If they don’t care – don’t waste your time. If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach…

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You’re Fired No Hired

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There is a funny Burger King commercial in which the boss announces that he bought lunch for everyone. But then he adds that this is the last time they will all be eating together, as downsizing is forcing him to let someone go. He turns to the young assistant, who is standing next to him and nodding, and asks him to pick a number. The oblivious young worker says, “4” and the boss immediately says, “You’re fired.” That’s not a…

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I demand you double my pay

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McDonald’s workers are demanding $15 an hour and the right to form their own union.  Okay, so how is this going to work.  The minimum wage is now $7.25 which is what some McDonald’s workers receive.  So what they want is an immediate doubling of their pay.  Isn’t pay a function of how easy you are to replace?  If there are other people standing in line to take your place how do you demand an increase in pay? Here are…

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Are you prepared for this?

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I don’t think this is anything more than a J-O-B for me Should my introduction letters be physical mail or emails? Could I pick up and do the Innovate seminar you used to do? My profession is being eliminated – what should I do? “When opportunity comes it’s too late to prepare.” – John Wooden Helpful Resources Harrys.com – use 48Days as the code to get $5.00 off your purchase Escaping Shawshank – the event in August where we’ll look at…

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Please give me a second chance

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I saw this post over the weekend – Denver Coffee Shop Hires Homeless Youth, Gives Them Second Chance ‘No One Else Would’.    Yep, the Purple Door coffee shop takes in homeless teens and young adults three at a time and provides them with a job for one year.  They have a 52-week training program that teaches a diversity of skills, including financial budgets and projections, while interacting with mentors and encouraging customers. Even the name has a focused meaning. …

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Dreamin comes easy

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I have a “fear of missing out” when it comes to personal improvement. This work is not fulfilling to me though it pays a nice 90,000 per year and I feel it’s very secure. I procrastinated for 6 years then got a great job in 3 days when I got in the game. How does Jared move so easily and how does he go about making a living abroad, housing arrangements etc? I’ve discovered I accept the success I feel…

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All this work and my life hasn’t changed

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In a recent podcast Dan read a question from a listener who said she had been reading all the right books, going to seminars and doing many of the typical steps to elevating herself to a better, more exciting life but nothing had changed.  In eight years.  She is still where she was eight years ago.  Dan told her what she needed to do is take action.  It didn’t seem too complicated to me and certainly seemed obvious.  However, in…

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