1. Should I finish this degree or should I forget it and spend my energy finding my passion right now? 2. How do I share my journey and help others to dare to embark on their own? 3. How can I grow my comedy blog following? 4. Can I make a living teaching small business owners/managers the principles of loss prevention? 5. Should I give up now and surrender even though I know great Read more »
“Midway on our life’s journey I found myself in a dark wood.”  Thus begins Dante’s famous story, Divine Comedy.  Literature, art, and Hollywood movies are full of the theme that life is a journey, a personal pilgrimage, and we’re all at some unknown point between the beginning and the end of it.  Remember the 2005 movie with Nicholas Cage titled The Weather Man?  In his early 40s the Read more »
I listened to the entire new album Songs of Innocence by U2 this morning while on the treadmill.  (It’s exactly 48 minutes - a cool number and great for a workout).  As I was listening I remembered a significant U2 event from a few years back.  On June 6th, 2001, during the NBA finals halftime in Philadelphia, the video feed went live to a U2 concert in Boston.  The NBA had asked Bono to do a Read more »

What story are you telling?

Dan Miller —  November 14, 2014 — 7 Comments
1. Should I pay $7500 for a "chapter" in a celebrity book. 2. I’m doing well but dream of buying a mountain resort. 3. I can't help but feel the only way I'll be happy is to stay at my depressing job! 4. My pay and position as an optometrist keep me from “seeing” better opportunities. “The story you tell yourself reinforces where you are - and what your future will be.” Read more »
A few years ago, Nathan, my son-on-law, landed a wonderful position with BB&T Bank in Knoxville.  He had done a rigorous job search after getting his degree in communications in May.  For the bank position he knew he was up against other candidates who had MBAs and previous banking experience.  Nathan brought his experience in pushing a lawn mower, stacking Cheerios in a grocery store, and wiping Read more »
What do you tell people when you first meet them?  Like anyone else, I can tell my life story as a healthy version or a victim version. I grew up in a home where we didn’t even have running water until I was in the 8th grade. I knew nothing but poverty.  As a 5-yr-old I was forced to get up at 5:30 AM to do my share of the farming chores. Most Christmases I got a new pair of blue jeans – my Read more »

Are you ignorant enough?

Dan Miller —  November 7, 2014 — 2 Comments
1. I started dreaming, then planning, and before I knew it I dreamt too much. 2. I hope that in the future, no one has to work. 3. Why would I do something as crazy as spend $4800 on a coach that I don’t even know? 4. I asked you a while back in a podcast if I should move to Nashville without a job. Quotation - “You need two things when you start a business - ignorance Read more »
In Essentialism; The Disciplined Pursuit of Less,  author Greg McKeown talks about common phenomenon called “sunk-cost bias.”  He explains: “Sunk-cost bias is the tendency to continue to invest time, money or energy into something we know is a losing proposition simply because we have already incurred, or sunk, a cost that cannot be recouped.  But of course this can easily become a vicious Read more »
Is it true that most people know their "calling?" Peter Drucker spent most of the last 10 years of his life working with non-profits, much of that with mega church leaders. In the new book Drucker & Me, here’s what he told his friend Bob Bufford about “calling.” “I am convinced that many, if not most, serious believers at some level understand what their calling is, but that understanding Read more »

Stop Doing That!

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I just read Bob Buford’s new book - Drucker & Me - and loved the stories about how Peter Drucker taught whole life success, not just business excellence. One principle that has impacted me deeply for many years now is a practice he called “Planned Abandonment.”  The essence of that was his belief that managers need to develop the wisdom and courage to regularly review what their organization Read more »