Just start walking?

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1. Is poverty required for a life of service? 2. I am having trouble finding my passion and doing work that means something for me. 3. What keeps you and others like you working hard after achieving financial success? 4. What are your thoughts about jumping into real estate part time? 5. I’ve hated my job since I took it two years ago. Quotation -  “Man improves himself Read more »

Just Get a Real Job

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I am often asked how I coped with being married to an entrepreneur for so many years.  How did I handle the financial chaos and instability? For four decades, Dan has been an entrepreneur doing everything from cleaning houses to becoming a writer, speaker and coach.  He has sold cars and RVs, vocational schooling packages, telephone/address books, run a health and fitness club, an automotive after-market Read more »

Stop doing that!

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If you’re doing what everyone else is doing, you won’t garner significant traffic or income.  If you did something spectacular three years ago, chances are it’s old news now.  Look at how often Apple introduces a new phone, a new iPad or new software updates.  It’s a constant process of introducing the new something.  And look at the companies who tried to keep doing the things that worked Read more »
A couple of years ago I recommended looking at Seth Godin’s book, Purple Cow.  I ordered it immediately when it was released and was one of the fortunate ones who received the book in an actual milk carton.  Seth is a radical marketing guy who makes the case that black, white, and brown cows don’t get our attention – but a Purple Cow; now that would make us look.  He uses this same thinking Read more »
A couple weeks ago I resigned from my day job and began self-employment. Since then, I could easily put in every ounce of energy I have toward my business, but it is important to want to work smarter, not harder. You can approach life or business as a mouse on a wheel, or as a marathon runner, where you sprint at certain points and conserve energy wheneverpossible.  A product or project can take Read more »
Everyone beginning a business in coaching has probably faced the following scenario. With great confidence you have delivered your very best presentation to a potential client. The client looks up expectantly and asks, "So, how much do you charge?" There it is, the question you have dreaded to hear. This is when you feel your confidence level drop. Perhaps you sat back in your chair and glanced Read more »

What do you expect?

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1. How can I make a Wow impression with my resume? 2. How does a person wishing to increase their levels of success deal with social anxiety? 3. Can I leave this problem behind, or am I going to be sailing into the wind the rest of my life? 4. Can I really double my income in the education field? Quotation -  “It is the nature of man to rise to greatness if greatness is expected Read more »
Henry Ford once said he didn’t want executives who had to work all the time.  He insisted that those who were always in a flurry of activity at their desks were not being the most productive.  He wanted people who would clear their desks, prop their feet up and dream some fresh dreams.  His philosophy was that only he who has the luxury of time can originate a creative thought. Wow!  When’s Read more »

Don’t make little plans

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In a recent post I mentioned that I would be promoting a new book today.  That book is Chris Guillebeau’s newest creation - The Happiness of Pursuit.  (You can meet with Chris at any of his 40 stops around the country.  Nashville this next Monday, Sept. 15th.) I quoted a passage that says:   “Nothing is more damaging to the adventurous spirit within a man than a secure future.”  Security Read more »
In Friday’s news the Bureau of Labor Statistics says U.S. employers added just 142,000 jobs in August, snapping a six-month streak of hiring above 200,000 and posting the smallest gain in eight months. The unemployment rate fell to 6.1 percent from 6.2 percent, the Labor Department said Friday. “But the rate dropped because more people without jobs stopped looking for one and were no longer counted Read more »