The annual eBay auction for lunch with billionaire investor Warren Buffet ended a few days ago with the top bid coming in from a man from Singapore named Andy Chua, at more than double last year’s bid of just over $1 million - the winning bid being $2,200,000.   The proceeds go to GLIDE, one of Buffet’s favorite charities.   The winner can invite up to seven friends to have lunch with Buffet Read more »
Artist Willie Baronet is on a 24-city, 31 day journey across the country this month, buying handmade signs from homeless people.  He says it’s changed the way he sees the homeless.  Willie is working on an art project he calls We all are Homeless.  That's him in the picture here. In a 3:45 minuted NPR segment, he says he used to feel guilty and try to avoid eye contact with the homeless at those Read more »
It's interesting how we see different forms of working around the world: Socialism ……… If you have two cows, you're expected to give your neighbor one. Communism……..  If you have two cows, you give them to the government and the government gives you a small quantity of milk. Rising forces in Mideast………  If you have two cows, the government shoots you and keeps both cows. Government Read more »
George Washington Carver was a devoutly spiritual man who looked to God for new innovation and insight.  During a boll weevil plague that consumed the farmer’s cotton crops, Mr. Carver encouraged the farmers to grow peanuts because the boll weevils don’t eat peanuts.  The resulting bumper crop of peanuts presented a new challenge.  There was an abundance of peanuts with very little known use Read more »
1. Since fear holds most people back from success how do we break out of that? 2. Can you think of a better or more personal gift than an original song written and recorded for your friend or loved one? 3. Should I do a lot of speaking as a way to continue to grow my platform? 4. Will the discipline and leadership skills of my military experience position me as a business consultant? 5. Read more »
This last week Joanne and I spent a few days at Whitestone Inn, one of our favorite get-aways.  For some people, it would be too quiet, too remote and too unconnected.  For us, it’s just right.  We even chose the Mockingbird Suite since it’s in a cottage at the very edge of the property, away from the main buildings, overlooking the lake.  Whitestone Inn receives the AAA Four Diamond award Read more »
1. I landed my dream job and now am miserable. What happened? 2. I have always resisted being a salesman, as I have been convinced that to be a salesman, you have to be "sly", a fast talker, and super out going. 3. Should I franchise my mosquito control company? 4. A friend recently opened up a small car dealer and he wants me to help him promote it using social media - I would be paid Read more »

Nail the phone interview

Dan Miller —  July 15, 2014 — 4 Comments
As companies desperately try to screen through candidates in today’s work environment, we are seeing more and more telephone screening interviews prior to a face-to-face meeting.  Here are some tips to maximize your success: A.  Stand up when taking the call; you project yourself much more confidently and with greater enthusiasm.  (Just this week I had a friend tell me about screening phone messages Read more »

Crazy or Stupid?

Dan Miller —  July 14, 2014 — 10 Comments
Bertrand Piccard is planning to circle the planet in a solar-powered airplane.  He watched 6 Apollo takeoffs as a little boy.  His Dad was a deep sea submarine diver and has been to The Mariana Trench - the deepest part of the world's oceans. His grandfather invented the pressurized cabin - first person to see the curvature of the earth with his own eyes. He grew up in a home where was no limit Read more »
1. If Jesus taught a class on marketing, what marketing lessons do you think he would share? 2. How can I get trained as a coach, living in Australia? 3. I am a minister with increasing opportunities as a guest and conference speaker - but little money. 4. Should wait till my new book launches or start monetizing my site right now? 5. Is it okay for a man to have long hair and a well-groomed Read more »