Better death than this….

As a child, Leonardo da Vinci had an intense curiosity about birds and flight.  He studied their wings and modeled helicopters, parachutes and flying machines based on their anatomy.  The freedom and movement of birds served as a metaphor for his life.  He observed poetically that a mother goldfinch, seeing her babies in a cage, would feed them a bit of a poisonous plant, noting, “Better death than to be without freedom.”

In the course of his frequent strolls through the streets of Florence, Leonardo often encounteredmerchants selling caged birds.  Frequently, Leonardo would stop, pay the purchase price, then open the door of the cage and release the birds to the endless blue sky.  For Da Vinci, his constant search for knowledge served as the open door to his own freedom.

Are you living in a cage?  One that has been imposed on you – or is it of your own making?  Are you “stuck” in a job that keeps a lid on your talents?  Did you read several good books last year?  Visit another community, state or country?  Take a class on a new subject, or made friends with someone of another faith?  Have you allowed fear and anger to create a prison of your own making?

Just try the door – it may not actually be locked.

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