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1. I’m making $55K now and was just offered $45K for a new position. How does someone keep from getting some crazy low-ball offer like that? 2. Dan, what are your thoughts on higher degrees and student loans? I feel Passion at war with Practicality. 3. What is the best way to get the word out about me, my services, and who I can help on a shoestring budget? 4. Could you offer any suggestions Read more »
1. I was abandoned by my father when I was 5 years old and now will not commit to any relationship. 2. I have been treating the search for my calling like the search for my spouse—the one vocation in which I will spend the rest of my life. 3. I have always marched to the beat of my own drummer. Now I am 30, broke, father of 2 and I am exhausted. 4. I work in a job that is high stress, Read more »
1. What can I do to stay sane at my current job AND prepare for business ownership while I'm waiting to break away? 2. I always use to operate at the top of my game, but now feel dead in the water. 3. Could you direct me to a coach or a group or website with the focus of stay-at-home mom type jobs? 4. As a chiropractor I have not been able to build a thriving practice on $75 a session. Read more »
1. I got a better job offer – now my boss is begging me to stay. Should I stay or go? 2. Is it possible to monetize my tips and advice for young accountants? 3. Could I create work for myself by making "mini animal sanctuary grounds" out of people's property? 4. How can I generate real, steady income writing perhaps as a freelance writer? 5. I'm a pastor in a rural church and I work Read more »
1. I have a big fear of success. I’m afraid if I start something it will grow bigger than I can handle. 2. My success in selling cars is taking a toll on me emotionally. 3. How can I transition from these linear paying jobs to more residual income jobs? 4. Should I always dress up, i.e. suit and tie for an interview? 5. How would one go about selling enough PDFs/eBooks to make it Read more »
1. More of us want that group for introverts – where can we sign up? 2. How does one interview for new positions when working 65+ hours a week now? 3. Should I have one focus for my coaching or be more general to cover more options? 4. Isn’t it true that the attitudes of the person to whom you are married does have some effect on outcomes? 5. I’m doing okay but would it make sense Read more »
1. Dan I am going crazy, I am sick with anxiety and worry over my total left over debt of $26K. 2. Can you recommend any websites or print resources that offer examples of Introduction letters? 3. I thought about creating an introverts group but didn't think any of us would join. 4. How do you handle errors & omissions insurance for coaching? 5. Do you have to do live seminars Read more »

Do I have to be fair?

Dan Miller —  April 20, 2012 — 5 Comments
1. How can I be a coach when so many other people are already doing it? 2. I am 25 year old man and am struggling with moving forward in life and business. 3. I would love to know your thoughts on waiting on God, even when you feel like you're in the wrong place. 4. Do Christians want to be coached or is it better for me to look for another niche? 5. I am mentally drained! I want to Read more »
1. Can I be a successful salesman with a low D on the DISC? 2. What do you do with your excess books and audio programs? 3. Should I respond to all the job offers I’m getting or stay loyal to my current boss? 4. I'm a music teacher in a rural area and am considering becoming a piano tuner. 5. Do you need to be an expert in the field you are in to be an effective leader? 6. Read more »
1. A friend of mine wants me to run an English tutoring school for her… in SPAIN! 2. I'm interested in making writing a central component of my career. 3. I am 61 years old and have been laid off from work now for about seven months. 4. I just had an argument with a recent college graduate who said he didn’t need to have specific skills because he now had a “degree.” 5. Read more »