Dan Miller

Why are you so different?

Dan Miller —  July 13, 2012 — 1 Comment
1. You missed the boat on an answer on your last podcast. 2. I'm going out of my mind living in Cincinnati. 3. Can I create a business around the idea of testing new games? 4. I have an occupation that I love. I hate my current employment. 5. In a nutshell... what are some of your tricks for staying focused? 6. I would like your opinion on a new business idea. How successful would Read more »
1. I am 51, been with same company for 30 years, I have never liked my job. When should I retire? 2. With the real estate market the way it is, would it be advisable to get into sales at this time? 3. After years in a soul-destroying job as an attorney, how do I become the real me again? 4. I am considering starting a business in knife sharpening, but my worry is the shear linear Read more »
1. Should I stay with a company and a service I don’t believe in or move on? 2. Can I make money delivering eulogies? 3. Can I create my resume without showing the company I currently work for? 4. How do you keep independent contractors without offering health insurance? 5. I have passions, but they're random. What should I do? 6. I called for information on piano tuning and the Read more »
1. If a person knows what they want to do, can they justify a person taking on student loan debt? 2. In an interview when they ask ‘tell us about yourself’, should someone mention they are a competitive cyclist? 3. I've been saying for years that I want to start my own graphic design business because I "think I can". 4. How do you recommend getting started with vending in good locations? 5. Read more »
1. I really want to make my business work. Should I just give up sleeping? 2. How do I get input from others without having them steal my best ideas? 3. Can I teach the management principles of experts without copyright infringement? 4. How do I encourage recent college graduates who already feel so defeated? 5. I just downgraded from a barely tolerable job in finance to a dreadful Read more »
1. I’m making $55K now and was just offered $45K for a new position. How does someone keep from getting some crazy low-ball offer like that? 2. Dan, what are your thoughts on higher degrees and student loans? I feel Passion at war with Practicality. 3. What is the best way to get the word out about me, my services, and who I can help on a shoestring budget? 4. Could you offer any suggestions Read more »
1. I was abandoned by my father when I was 5 years old and now will not commit to any relationship. 2. I have been treating the search for my calling like the search for my spouse—the one vocation in which I will spend the rest of my life. 3. I have always marched to the beat of my own drummer. Now I am 30, broke, father of 2 and I am exhausted. 4. I work in a job that is high stress, Read more »
1. What can I do to stay sane at my current job AND prepare for business ownership while I'm waiting to break away? 2. I always use to operate at the top of my game, but now feel dead in the water. 3. Could you direct me to a coach or a group or website with the focus of stay-at-home mom type jobs? 4. As a chiropractor I have not been able to build a thriving practice on $75 a session. Read more »
1. I got a better job offer – now my boss is begging me to stay. Should I stay or go? 2. Is it possible to monetize my tips and advice for young accountants? 3. Could I create work for myself by making "mini animal sanctuary grounds" out of people's property? 4. How can I generate real, steady income writing perhaps as a freelance writer? 5. I'm a pastor in a rural church and I work Read more »
1. I have a big fear of success. I’m afraid if I start something it will grow bigger than I can handle. 2. My success in selling cars is taking a toll on me emotionally. 3. How can I transition from these linear paying jobs to more residual income jobs? 4. Should I always dress up, i.e. suit and tie for an interview? 5. How would one go about selling enough PDFs/eBooks to make it Read more »