Dan Miller

Stop blaming circumstances…

Dan Miller —  February 16, 2012 — 1 Comment
1. At 54 years young I lack focus and drive. How can I select a path and stick with it? 2. I am producing variety shows here in Austin. How can I pay my performers and still make money? 3. I just lost my job. I'm not really sad about it because I'm finally free from a supervisor who tried to bully me. 4. Are online courses worth the money? I'm considering being a grant writer. 5. I Read more »

In all things charity…

Dan Miller —  February 9, 2012 — 6 Comments
1. How can I make my blog generate income? 2. I love selling cars but it’s taking a toll on my family. Is there a solution? 3. Will I learn more by reading or listening to a book? 4. How can I switch from charging by the hour to charging by the project? 5. Is it really possible to get paid for videos on Youtube? 6. My wife wants me to give up being an entrepreneur and get a real Read more »
1. My wife and I want to do a 4 hour workshop on marriage? How should we price it? 2. Dan, I would like to become a distributor of your products. 3. I want to start an online business building and selling custom computers. 4. How can I combine my love of sewing and spending time with my grandchildren into a business? 5. Is it legal to use a pattern I bought to make chairs that I sell? 6. Read more »
1. How can I get my wife to expand her cake decorating into a real business? 2. I started a job 5 months ago, and now realize it a poor fit.. Is there a minimum I should give a job before I decide to move on? 3. I'm discovering my current field is not a good for my God given gifts. 4. What do you think of the SOPA Bill and PIPA (Act)? 5. How can I promote my services as a coach in my Read more »
1. Is it selfish and or are we abandoning any hope of close relations with family if we move away? 2. I have been working in the corporate world for almost a year now and absolutely hate it. 3. Today I had a lunch meeting with our Student Ministries pastor and he feels like it is time for me to move on. 4. I was wondering how you survive in serving people when you love God but really have Read more »
1. Do i need a copyright on these DVD’s before I sell them? 2. How can one narrow down the specific area of coaching/advisor? 3. What is the best program on how to set and achieve goals? 4. What is the best advice for constructing and implementing a mission statement for people new to this? 5. How do I best approach the lack of a degree in my job search and with interviewing?   Read more »
1. Dan, can I teach someone else’s system of time management? 2. I'm a lowly mail clerk by day and a lowly pizza deliverer by night. 3. How is selling different for the different personality types? 4. Could you share a little bit about your background, and your connection to the Amish? 5. What kind of a role do you see spirituality playing in having a fruitful, rewarding career?   Read more »
1. Dan, I have accepted the call to the ministry. 2. How does one continue to get customers to buy their service or product? 3. I believe that what is holding me back so far is my "fear" 4. How should I get started in the Public Relations field? 5. My commissions as an independent health insurance agent/broker are diminishing. 6. Should I buy a $10,000 franchise?   Read more »
1. I want to live beyond awesome! 2. How can I increase income with my classic wooden boat tour business in Portland? 3. Can I teach meditation and wellness online and make real money? 4. Should I come up with a name for my company before I contact companies about distributing their goods? 5. Is there a $5 a month service that I can offer to individuals and build up a 2,000 membership Read more »
1. How do I make the transition from the discovery stage to the action stage? 2. I have an entrepreneurial spirit, but no idea what to do with it. Where do I start? 3. Hi Dan, what's your take on being a car salesman? 4. I am not doing work I love. I like - about 5% of my work. The rest I dislike and dislike a lot. 5. I’m already underpaid and now the company has announced a 5% pay Read more »