Are you listening to the devil?

1. How can I get a Shark Tank idea from other people?

2. When would you recommend I form a LLC to protect myself and my family?

3. What are the top three things we could do to get people back to work?

4. I keep wondering what changes you have made to the job search process.

5. Why should I work with an employment agency?


Who is asking the question and who provided the response in the following exchange?




Question: Then it is important that one select one’s close associates with great care?   Napoleon Hill

Answer: Yes, one’s intimate associates should be chosen with as much care as one chooses the food with which he feeds his body, with the object always of associating with people whose dominating thoughts are positive, friendly, and harmonious.  The Devil (explaining how he can easily be defeated)

From Outwitting the Devil

Other Notes: – for free initial audio book of your choice


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