All Beginnings are Hopeful

Creating a new beginning can spark hope, enthusiasm and confidence!

“All beginnings are hopeful” is actually a quote from the president of Oxford University, spoken to the entering freshman in 1944, in the midst of a world war.  Not exactly a hopeful or optimistic time and yet he recognized the power of seeing a new beginning.

This is a concept that we’ve seen confirmed throughout history.  In working with people

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

going through change, I am often struck by the discouragement, frustration, and frequent anger and resentment.  I have come to recognize however, that those feelings always tell me that the person is looking backward, at something that has already occurred.  As soon as we are able to create a clear plan for the future, those feelings quickly begin to dissipate and are replaced by hope, optimism and enthusiasm.  In all my years of life coaching, I have never seen a person who has clear plans and goals for the future who is also depressed.  They just don’t go together.

Viktor Frankl, in his wonderful little book, “Man’s Search for Meaning”, relates his observations of people in the German concentration camps.  Age, health, education or ability could not predict those who survived the atrocities there.  No, rather it was only those who believed that there was something better coming tomorrow who were able to survive and ultimately walk away from those camps.

Feeling discouraged?  Miserable in your job?  Just lost your business?  We’re right at the beginning of a brand New Year.  Give yourself a new beginning tomorrow!  “All beginnings are hopeful.”

If you could accomplish just one important thing in 2013, what would that be?  Share your one thing here.

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