I love Dan’s books and want to share them with others-how can I be an affiliate?

Just go to this link – it provides all the details for you to link to our site! Commissions begin at 15% and increase as the number of sales from you increase.

How can I set up a link exchange?

We don’t do “link exchanges,” but we sometimes set up with Affiliates. Many people come to our website and sign up to promote Dan & 48 Days from their websites and/or email lists. When their clients/members click through to us and purchase, you receive a commission.   You can get more details about becoming an Affiliate here.

Dan often recommends products and services to our 40,000 subscribers in his weekly ezine, and some of them make it on to our “Valuable Resources” page. But in this aspect, he is giving his personal endorsement, which he guards like gold. No amount of money is worth people’s trust.

If you feel you have the ability to use Dan & 48 Days as a resource on your webpage,we encourage you to go through our Affiliate sign up. The proof of your company will then be twofold:

  1. If 48 Days sales come to us from you, we’ll see it, as we write checks for Affiliate commissions every month. That will show us you have a valid market.
  2. Then it’s as simple as getting testimonies from our subscribers who used you. If they are good, Dan can legitimately give you endorsement in his newsletter to 40,000+ subscribers and we can put you as a resource on our Valuable Resources page.

We have many, many people who contact us about advertising with us, and we just don’t do it. For the people/companies that we DO endorse, it’s very valuable. Last year we had a month where we were the number one Affiliate for Mark Victor Hansen’s “One Minute Millionaire” organization. When Dan endorses someone, our subscribers purchase!

Is this a legitimate business/link?

Yes, it’s a legitimate source of information, but no, we do not vouch for this service, the same as we do not for any services Dan offers in his newsletter, unless he specifically clarifies that. Dan’s newsletter is a source for information-it’s up to you to determine whether you want to follow through with a link. The newsletter is a place for resources, but Dan’s focus is NOT to thoroughly do background checks on websites-just merely to provide information. Just do your research and be aware that scams are out there, but so are good companies.

I want personal coaching-where do I go?

For personal coaching, please visit Dan’s Coaching information page. There you will find full details on Dan’s coaching options. There is an online application that you may fill out—Dan personally reviews each one and either contacts you himself if you are an Eagle’s Club candidate, or refers you to one of his many competent coaches across the country. Their prices vary in range, so don’t hesitate to fill out the application and you may be able to get a better fitting package from another one of our coaches. Distance need not be an issue, as many of our coaches also use the phone and emails for coaching—the key is to find one that is the best match for you, not just one that is closest to your doorstep.

I don’t have an MP3 player-how can I listen to the podcasts?

MP3 player-if you can listen to anything on your computer, you can listen to an MP3-just click on it and it will play on your default media player. If you don’t have any sound on your computer, you can download one of these free media players:

iTunes: http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/
Realplayer: http://www.realplayer.com/
Quicktime: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/

Reprinting Dan’s articles

I’d love to use some of Dan’s articles on my blog/web page. What are the copyright laws with this?

I receive frequent requests to use these newsletter articles in other newsletters or websites. I recognize that many more are simply using items without bothering to ask. This prompted me to do a search on my name – I was amazed at seeing the thousands of links including unheard of bookstores, health and fitness sites, and magazines like Fast Company and Praestantia, a magazine for modern women. I always tell people they are welcome to use content from the newsletters, the over 300 articles I have posted, and the website links IF you would just please include my name and website contact info: www.48Days.com.

I live in Tennessee and want to purchase product and qualify for a tax-exemption

If you are a TN resident and a non-profit or reseller and qualify for a tax-exemption, please email an attachment of your signed CIE and/or reseller’s license* to customerservice@48days.com and we will provide you with a tax-free coupon code to use on your purchase.

*You may download and fill out the reseller’s license here: http://tennessee.gov/revenue/forms/sales/f1300701.pdf.

Where would I be able to purchase products by the box?

You may purchase products by the box through our online store.