• Growing More Weary Everyday!

    Hello Dan,
    I am a Master’s level, Licensed Social Worker who was layed off from a government job. I just recently found a part-time position. I am growing increasingly unhappy because I am working more on this part time job than on the full time job I had before, without pay. Please, Please help. I am at a total lost and not sure where to turn for assistance. I am hard worker and am very good at my chosen career, but have grown frustrated and very, very weary. I always thought with a Master’s Degree I would be able to make a decent living, but after my layoff that has not been the case. My student loans are massive and I need some direction.

    Growing More Weary Everyday!

    • Anonymous

      Getting a Masters in Social Work is normally done because someone has a strong desire to serve and help those who are struggling. Rarely would it lead to a position that pays well. Most people I know with that degree work at low paying jobs for 6-7 years and then move on to something else.

      I you’re frustrated with the work and the pay then I would encourage you to explore other lines of work. The degree you have is still a valuable part of who you are. But don’t let it limit you in defining work that would be more fulfilling and profitable.

  • Lccpa

    Mr. Miller:

    My fiancée and I have been attempting a ‘Total Money Makeover’ and we have been stuck between Baby Step 1 and 2 for the longest time. I know it is a result of low income. For the longest time I have believed my calling was to be an attorney. After experiencing some of the injustices of society I was hoping that i could right them for some people.

    I have yet to obtain my Associates due to financial trouble. I should be recieving an Associates in Paralegal Studies pretty soon, but I am concerned that I can not excel to the level I am seeking. The cost of obtaining a law degree is so high that it will be nearly impossible for me to cash flow, but I will try.

    Could you advise me as to how I could move into some administrative or assistant position so that I could continue my ‘Total Money Makeover’. I have been “making ends meet” by cooking. I have 3 years experience working for attorneys in the capacity of a law clerk and legal assistant.

    I just started your book. It seems like a great read, thank you.

    • Anonymous

      If you are hoping to get legal working experience while working toward your degrees then it seems continuing as a law clerk or legal assistant would be ideal. If you just want to make the most money to cash flow your degree process you may want to explore waiting tables at a nice restaurant. That would allow the time to pursue your studies and maximize your earnings.

  • Lartistatigre

    Hi Dan,
    I found this link in “The Power of Goals by Dan Miller http://www.48Days.com” on the internet. I have a disabling disease and have started blogging to help myself and others with this human gamma retro viruses. I live on a disability pension and can not work nor do I want to. My life goals are much more simpler than that. I want to succeed with ADL’s (activities of daily living) and some personal life goals. Most of “us” had ours lives stolen to be misdiagnosed over and over for easily 5 to 10 years. I want to “resteal of my life” back to some level of where it was before my illness robbed me. Keeping that in mind, I do not know which of your programs are appropriate for me to buy and try. My goals must be simple. I want to try to reach remission and then keep it and stay out away from relapsing which is where most of us live.

    Then my son in law could use a gift from me to help him. He says something is missing in his life and he does not like his work. What would you recommend?
    Thanks, Francesca

    • Anonymous

      48 Days to the Work You Love is the best single resource we have for your situation — and for helping your son-in-law find what he’s missing in his work. That’s readily available at any bookstore, from Amazon or here in our warehouse. Thanks for your inquiry. Dan

  • Jams594

    Currently finishing my Master’s. After working 18 years as a production supervisor and relocation to another state has been very hard to find a good paying job, career or business. I took a job three years ago so I can make some money and not lose all my savings, while looking for something better. It did not happen and now I have no more savings, losing my home after been a home owner for over 20 years. The job I do is not bad, but I know I can do so much better job and pay. It feels like the sky is closed ! What Am I going to tell my children?

  • Zahil Caraballo

    Hello Dan,
    I am currently
    working as a Foreign Language HS teacher and due to teaching license issues I will not be employed next
    school year. At this point I am excited to have a new opportunity; however, I am
    afraid to make the same mistake with my next employment. I am currently reading
    your book “48 days” and I realized that I don’t know what my calling is and how
    to find it.I have always wanted
    to serve others in any way possible but at the same time I realize that God calls every Christian to show is love to others, in other words, to serve. How can I personalize that calling to my life in order to not
    be stuck again in something I don’t like?

  • Greg Baird

    Hello Dan,
    I have a dual major in marketing/management, been down-sized from General Motors as a floor supervisor. I Have been in retail mgt for over 8 years, but it’s been 8 yrs ago. I’m having a hard time even getting interviews in retail, let alone production. The only job I can find righ now is with a contract company as a crib attendant, which I’m thankful for, but I am very bored with the job.

  • Brian Taylor

    Hello Dan, 
    I have been working in the services business in the K-12 Education Market installing computers for school districts.   As you may have noticed, Federal Govt. is drastically cutting funding for this area.  I am looking for a new start.  Looking forward to reading your book, it was recommended to me by a friend… 

  • Wendieb911

    Do you have information on Work from Home jobs?
    Thank you

  • Tim Sallee

    Hello Dan: I am a 47 year old man who is about to take a buyout from a credit union. I have a degree in Economics. I have also supervised people and have held the positions of: VP of Lending, Assistant to the President (did all sorts of things under that title) and am currently VP of HR and Marketing as well as the defacto branch manager at our 2nd branch. I really like variety and would love to use those varied skills in a new way. I’ve been in my current job for 11 years and seem to lack creativity in opening my mind to possibilities. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Love your 48 days book so far. Thanks timothyjsallee@gmail.com

    • Anonymous

      Tim – look for the convergence of your talents, personality and passion.  Looking inward first will give you the insight to define the characteristics of the work you love.  Sounds like you’re in a great position of strength for this transition.

      • Tim Sallee

        Thanks Dan, it is definitely nice to read your comments. One thing I would like to remind everyone of and your book talks about it is finding what your skills will transfer to in other businesses. One drawback to being in a position for 11 years is you start thinking your job is a part of you, literally, and that the two are inseparable. Thanks for you comments.

  • Anonymous

    Dan, I just wanted to tell you I loved “No More Dreaded Mondays”! 

    I’ve been an on-and-off entrepreneur for a while now, but when I moved back to Canada from the US, I took a “job” … hated it and it showed. Managed to get myself fired (with a severance package), and somehow that shook me to my very foundations and I floundered (and used up all my savings) for a couple of years, achieving absolutely nothing every single day. Then (once the money ran out) I got back into the wage-slave mentality and took up another job. 

    Now I am ready to leap into the future again – your book just reminded me how much I love the alternate lifestyle of being an entrepreneur!  Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      Once you’ve tasted “entrepreneurship” it’s hard to go back.  It’s like a kid experiencing ice cream for the first time.  That kid will never again be content with an apple for dessert.

  • Dan, thank you so much for posting these worksheets.  I am using the Power of Goals to help me track my progress as I work on a balanced life while I am working towards building my business and much more. As a husband and father I don’t want to forget the other areas of my life that are just as important.

    Kind Regards,
    Doug Renz

  • AJS


    I just finished reading NMDM at work where I am bored and demotivated out of my mind. I’ve always had an “eagleprenurial spirit” and have decided with the love and understanding of my wife that it’s time to make a change. You book has helped me to realize that there are opportunities and that the corporate life-sucking machine is not, nor will ever cater to my strengths like I can. I need to make this happen not just for my own sanity and health, but for those I love and for those I can hopefully some day make a difference with. I’m going to start the 48 Days book next to begin this trek and my mind is now better prepared for what I’m going to – not what I’m running from! Thanks Dan.



    • 48DaysDan

      Sounds like you’ve made the transition in your mind and now are ready to walk into a new season in your life. Congratulations!

  • Barbara Burton

    Dan, holy smokes. I’m just getting started. Most of the people I’ve seen have a strong direction for their career path, and I feel a little out of place. When I went to college years ago, I knew God had gifted me with three things: 1) good writing skills; 2) empathy and compassion for others, good listening skills (the ability to possibly counsel); and 3) a real interest in fashion design and creativity. I decided to start as a Fashion Design major, but God clearly told me I was not to continue with fashion design. I was perplexed, unhappy, but I did what God advised. A nice lady in church said that maybe God would allow me to use that skill in another way. I finished college with a BA in English and went into the Customer Service field, all the while longing for travel and a little more creativity. I’m so drained and tired at the end of the day, and then when children came along, I have less and less time to use towards my “dreams”. I’ve got a side business selling clothing on eBay, in which I have had some moderate success. I’m just not sure what to do. Quitting my job to go full blown with my eBay business seems a long way away, as I am behind on my mortgage right now and am the major financial contributor in my family, as my husband is unable to work outside the home. Any thoughts or suggestions for me?