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Dan Miller —  June 13, 2014 — 6 Comments

1. What would you advise someone to do within the FIRST 48 Hours to get their dream in the right direction?

2. I have set a goal to contact one online entrepreneur per day for a year

3. Do I continue to pursue my passion as a potential career or keep it as a hobby for the moment?

4. Why will working by the hour keep me poor?

5. Should I focus on identifying and using my strengths or work on overcoming my weaknesses?

World Steps Aside


Quotation - 

The world steps aside for the man who knows where he is going.”  James Allen

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  • Steve Barkley

    Loved the question and answer regarding what to do in the next 48 hours. Many times my lack of action is caused by facing a seemingly overwhelming goal. Starting with a timeline, and breaking the task down into smaller, more actionable segments, should really help. Thanks!

    • Jordan Peterson

      I agree! The timeline thing was really inspiring! :)

    • Dan Miller

      Steve – thanks. I really had never thought about it that way before so I appreciated the question – the first 48 Hours.

  • Tom Henricksen

    Dan is this something you could add to your tenth Anniversary edition? Or maybe an ancillary product. Keep up the good work Dan!

  • Sean Coulson

    Dan, I was listening to your Podcast Monday and just made my way half through. When I heard the discussion Essentialism and Greg McKeown, I bought his Audio book. I am at about 3 hrs 40 minutes in the audio, when I heard his story about Sunk Cost Bias, suddenly it hit me like a ton of bricks. Since I was fired from a sales job last August where I invested 8 years of time, training, and effort. How many of us do this same thing without looking inward?
    I didn’t want to give up that lifestyle or that hard work. So I started a new business doing similar type work for the last 6 months, during that time I was out for about 2 months with some health issues. Since then I have made about $122 and I still have savings money to live off. However its time to move on, this is what the essential person would do, now knowing the Sunk Cost Bias story.

    Thank you.

    • Dan Miller

      Sean – I totally understand. I loved that Sunk Cost Bias concept. Makes us frame pushing on or starting fresh.