This is why it’s easier than you think

Dan Miller —  June 6, 2014 — 8 Comments


  1. Dan, few things do damage to a man’s soul the way continuous unemployment does.
  2. I’m a healer but am not making any money.
  3. Dan, I am 53 and looking at a new career.
  4. Here are six ways to save your life — and your company.
  5. How can I get paid for making the company more money?
  6. Recently, I earned my MBA in Management, and now find that I am over-educated.

What you want wants you


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“What you want wants you.”  Mark Victor Hansen

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6 Ways to Save Your Life — and Your Company - add your thoughts


  • Jordan Peterson

    Another great podcast Dan! Loved your good long answer on the first question! I’m going to forward that on to a friend who has been out of work for 8 weeks now.

  • Camilla

    Always love your online radio show. Being unemployed and not having time to read a book?! Wow! I’m not looking for work but I’ve still read 48 Days twice because it’s such a great book as it really pushes you to think outside the box. I recommend it to everyone, looking for work or not.

    • Jordan Peterson

      No kidding Camilla! I refer to the 48 Days book more then I refer to a dictionary! :D And I haven’t been looking for work for 3 years.

      • Camilla

        I’m with you Jordan. It’s a brilliant book. Can’t wait to read the new added editions when they come out. I just know I will learn something!

    • 48DaysDan

      Camilla – it really is amazing to me how many people are unemployed but don’t have time to “sharpen the saw.” And thus they are convinced “the economy is bad.” Thanks so much for your comments.

  • Heidi Bender

    I listened to this episode this morning on the way to work. When at work, we were asked to take a survey regarding health and wellness. I included the link to the “6 ways to save your life” article. thanks for including the link here.

  • Teague Sizemore

    Great podcast. I really like the link to the article 6 ways to save your life and your company as I have been feeling that work and health don’t always go hand in hand so well. In fact, I was just listening to another on-demand-radio-cast from Manager Tools, found here which is about managing Exercising and Working.

    Also, I don’t know so much about the “Over-Educated” answer. When I was looking for work as a civil engineer the typical answer to not being hired was that the applicant would be “over-educated” and when asked for details it would change to “under-educated.” Essentially it was a polite way for civil engineering companies to tell a candidate that they were not liked and didn’t get the job, the same as “over-qualified.” I think it would be better to be really honest with ourselves and to be truthful with what one can do better in an interview.

    Thanks again for the great cast!

  • Steve Barkley

    After listening you talk about the cruise on the podcast I asked my wife if she would be interested on going on the 48 Days cruise. She responded, “A 48 day cruise, Yes!” Maybe I should have worded the question a bit differently.