Does Success scare you?

Dan Miller —  May 16, 2014 — 9 Comments

1. I know my true calling, but can’t find the job of my dreams.

2. Should I offer to work for free for 3 months with my first choice company?

3. I believe this is my time to aggressively go after a full time art career.

4. Should I give people what they want or what they need?

5. As Christians, when our income increases dramatically, should our lifestyle scale with that increase?

I Dread Successtweet-graphic-2






Quotation - 

“I dread success. To have succeeded is to have finished one’s
business on earth, like the male spider, who is killed by the female
the moment he has succeeded in his courtship. I like a state of
continual becoming, with a goal in front and not behind.”
– George Bernard Shaw


Notes -

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  • Ricardo Butler

    Hey Dan! A while back (probably a year ago) I submitted a question concerning finding work as an ex-felon. I was the one who had the gifts in leadership, hip-hop, ministry, and I had just graduated from Full Sail University. You recommended going the traditional route of looking for a job would not be the better option. So you suggested creating work that combined the above passions, skills, expertise into some kind of entrepreneurial venture or business model would be a better use of my time and creativity. Well after listen to this podcast (and pretty much ALL of the questions applied to me) it confirmed something the Lord had began pressing me to though I did not want to go that route with what I was doing. I was trying to do something new but not needed and it took about a year just to educate people on a hip-hop music ministry leadership training school (including coaching and consulting). But they didn’t need that though I was most passionate about it. The Lord led me to start a record label, which people had been begging me for years to start. Being stubborn I did not want to go that route nor did I want to work on a team. I loved doing what I had been doing for a year as a solo act. Now that the Lord finally convinced me to do this label all kinds of doors have opened and people flooding in wanting to help with their thoughts, time, talent, and treasure! So yes, their is a huge difference between “Should I give people what they want or what they need?” Though I am giving them now what they want, I can then later on incorporate what the need, leadership training in the music industry through my label. So I’ve finally figured out to combine my passion, God’s calling, and what the people and market want. And I am taking MASSIVE action to building teams and connecting with the people I need according to the vision and new plan that we have had to draw up to reach our goals. I finally have better focus and clarity.

    • Dan Miller

      Ricardo – wow, it sounds like you’ve jumping into a moving river and are getting immediate traction. As I mentioned in the podcast I’ve built my business on giving people what they want. I love the idea of innovation but think it’s a much longer path to financial success.

      • Ricardo Butler

        I had to learn that the hard way for the last two years trying to get one sale here and one sale there. I haven’t made any sales yet, but all kinds of people have “bought in” and jumped on the boat to help as they caught and believe the vision of these music label. I just gained two more team members (volunteers) today to help promote. So it is just totally awesome! I have this new hope and burning desire and even a new responsibility as a leader of these people as we make this happen together.

  • Kent Julian

    “Wrap what people need into what they want “…this is a MAJOR teaching point at the Speak It Forward Boot Camp, both in what a speaker speaks about and in how a speaker markets his/her services.

    Great podcast, as always!

    • Ricardo Butler

      Exactly! This is pretty much what I’ve now figured out how to do more and more.

      • Kent Julian

        Very powerful!

    • Dan Miller

      Kent – subtle but powerful!

  • Steve Erickson

    Dan, I first heard you on Michael Hyatt’s Podcast and I have been reading through some of your material. I listened to your Podcast today and found it very helpful. I have been a church planter for the last 15 years and have had the privilege of planting 4 churches.

    I recently completed my fourth plant, and I am in transition. I have been doing coaching and consulting on the side for the past 2 years, and I have had some great opportunities to help church planters and church leaders. In fact I just returned from a month of work in Australia.

    I am currently working in Organizational Development with and A/V company while I await my orders from the King for my next mission. I am strongly considering taking my coaching and consulting ministry to the next level, and was greatly encouraged and challenged by what you shared today.

    Thank you for your help and encouragement. I look forward to learning more from you.

    • 48DaysDan

      Wow – 4 new churches in 15 years – that’s moving. If you have the ability to do that, then coaching is probably a great fit.