What are others saying about the choices you’ve made?

Dan Miller —  May 9, 2014 — 4 Comments

1. For the first time in my life I am taking a leap of faith and doing something for myself.

2. As a recruiter, I am interviewing a TON of extra-educated individuals.

3. I have a Master’s degree in public policy and a law degree – and I’m currently out of work.

Choices people make







Quotation -

“Sometimes it’s hard to accept the choices people make when we know there’s so much more.”  – Stephanie O’Brien

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  • http://www.Boyrista.com Levi Andersen

    Thanks for mentioning AlexBarker.org, going to check his 8am CST meeting tomorrow!

  • dru wood

    Hello Dan, WONDERFUL episode as usual! I love that you introduced me to Harry’s, I am a lifetime advocate of using good safety razor handles because I currently use one and can’t imagine ever going back to razor-burn city.

    One technical difficulty with the show notes that you want to be aware of: the Harrys.com link above is actually linked to “http://www.apple.com/startpage/”
    not “www.Harrys.com”.

    Thank You for all that you do as my Cyber-Mentor!

    Your High C Fan,


    • http://www.48Days.net Dan Miller

      Dru – oh thanks so much. I just fixed that link. Yeah Harry’s is the bomb.

  • Jordan Peterson

    Dan, Thank you for answering my question about event planning, particularly as it relates to them bringing in multiple income revenue streams. Lots of good info to get me started in the right direction! :)