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Dan Miller —  May 2, 2014 — 26 Comments

1. I’m afraid I’ll work the rest of my life in an unfulfilling field.

2. I was “promoted to unemployment” last January.

3. I have a mortgage, 3 kids, a beautiful wife, but, I simply cannot work in the mall another day!

4. How does one determine if the risks are worth taking? How does one determine if your “risks” are just your fears?

5. I’m approaching my 40s and feel very discouraged with where my life is at..its very far from the life I envisioned for myself as a child and as a teenager.

Quotation - “I didn’t have time” actually means, “it wasn’t important enough.”  - Seth Godin

Not Important

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  • A P

    Hi Dan, thank you so much for your insights on the record-breaking lengthy question I sent in (!), I will definitely look up the person you mentioned who is a publisher AND an actor. Also, I had just put out the word in the last week that I was creating a MM group so your generosity with your UDemy course came as a timely blessing. You are so generous! Thanks for all you do – I will keep you posted on my successes and breakthroughs (but in a more succinct way next time!) ;)

    • 48DaysDan

      Wonderful – I trust you’ll have a Mastermind experience similar to the stories we have pouring in.

      • A P

        Hmm, I can’t seem to find the correct person… Matt Bower? Matt Bauer? Matthew Bauer? Can you post a link please?

  • Jeff Brown

    Wow, some great stuff in this episode, no doubt. From the woman who took the coaching plunge and earned over $16K in 60 days, to offering the Mastermind course for free!

    Say what?! Have you lost your mind? ;-)

    Seriously, thanks very much Dan. You are very generous.

    • Dan Miller

      There’s the little principle in the Bible called The Law of the Harvest that just seems to work pretty stinking well. I keep testing it.

      • Jeff Brown


  • JodeySmith -Podfreak

    Hey Dan,
    Thanks so much for the Udemy back door!
    I’m gonna push my luck and ask for one more thing…

    At 28:01 in this episode you tell us about Ralph, the video producer. Could you copy and paste what he wrote here?

    I have a good friend who has been a video producer for years. He is struggling now and I am hoping this might give him some good direction.


    • Dan Miller

      Jodey – ask and ye shall receive:

      R.W. Bagnall via Apr 25 (9 days ago)

      to askdan


      Listening to this week’s podcast, I was interested in the question you received from a video producer in regards to his clients no longer valuing his work. I make a large percentage of my income from producing videos for clients, and they are thrilled to pay me to do it.

      While he (and you in your answer) are perfectly correct in stating that modern technology has enabled anyone with a smartphone to shoot and even edit video, this misses an essential point: Your caller is (or should not be) in the video production business. He needs to be in the CONTENT CREATION business. Kodak actually invented the digital camera, but buried it and their collective heads in the sand since they saw this new technology as a threat to what they believed their core business to be, ie: selling film. If they had understood that their core business was ACTUALLY helping people preserve and share memories and experiences, they would have embraced digital photography and become dominant in the field rather than now being bankrupt.

      Yes, ANYONE can shoot and even edit video at virtually no cost in today’s environment. But creating compelling content that people want to watch and share is an entirely different skill set. I create written and video content for woodworking manufacturers and retailers around the US, England and even New Zealand. Many of my customers pay me reasonably well to shoot and produce video, but what they are really buying in my ability to showcase their products, help their customers understand how they work, and entice them with interesting woodworking techniques, projects and plans. Any fool can shoot video, but not every fool can tell compelling stories with video. THAT is what he should be selling.

      By the way, I do get paid in a linear model for video I shoot, but I also have several clients that pay me per view instead. This residual model accomplishes two goals: First, it is much easier to sell to small companies that want to build a Youtube presence but cannot afford to pay for dozens of videos up front. Second, in the long term, it is far more lucrative for me since successful videos will, over time, pay far more than what I would charge up front. The clients know this, but they understand that they will only ever pay for performance. If they are paying me, it is because someone is watching the videos.

      Please feel free to pass along my email to this listener, I would be happy to spend some time of the phone with him discussing ideas for moving forward.

      Ralph W. Bagnall

      • JodeySmith -Podfreak

        Great stuff! Highly appreciated!

  • Kathleen Thompson

    Thank you for the generosity you show every week in producing this podcast and answering people’s questions. Thank you for sharing your Udemy course with us. Thank you for the reminder of the 3-legged stool.
    All the best,

    • Dan Miller

      Kathleen – you are most welcome.

  • watsoninc

    Thanks so much for the Udemy course. I’ve enjoyed it so far and am looking forward to finishing the course this weekend.

    • Dan Miller

      Hey I hope the mastermind course unleashes your own unique success.

  • Allan Dubon

    WOW!!! I am always impressed with the show, but today hit me in such an inspirational way. I can’t quite express it, but thank you.

    I also want to thank you for your generosity in sharing your course with us. You are amazing. I tell everyone I can about your show, your, and your products.

    Thank you for all you do! You have definitely changed my life.

    • Dan Miller

      Allan – thanks for your comments. And thanks for your ongoing contributions in the 48 Days community.

  • Joe Lalonde

    Dan, thanks so much for offering the mastermind course for free. That’s providing tons of value and building even more trust in your brand. Love what you’re doing!

    • Dan Miller

      Joe – hey you’re welcome. Hope it helps you launch a new level of your own success.

      • Joe Lalonde

        I’m sure it will. I’ve been looking to get into a mastermind group that will stick around. Hoping this will help!

  • John Villosis

    What a generous gift, Dan! I am a loyal listener of your podcast and respect your strategies for reinventing oneself in this rapidly changing marketplace. I currently work as an oil worker but have plunged into a quest for getting licensed as a Certified Financial Planner! Wow! What a difference those two worlds are! I am looking forward to your course and thank you so much for all the inspiration you have given me and others. You are truly someone who has changed the way I look at myself and how I can channel my energy into something I am truly passionate about! Thanks again!

  • Wan Muhammad Zulfikri Bin Wan

    That Mastermind course seems really interesting. i wish I can participate in the course now but I’m trying to finish my other Udemy courses first. Don’t want to have too much course backlog.

    • Don Ettore

      You can sign up for it an have it sit in your course list until you are ready to take it. No need to start right away.

  • Don Ettore

    Thanks for the generous gift of the Udemy Mastermind course, Dan. I look forward to drawing from your wisdom.

  • Tamarah

    Hi Dan,
    I listened to this podcast again today and wanted to write to you in regards to Ryder from Idaho who has a talent for storytelling and lacks a mentor. I wonder if he has heard of a wonderful mentor and successful storyteller and businesswoman, Dani Johnson. I have been listening to her for a number of years! One of the many takeaways I have from her is: Facts tell, Stories sell. Ryder may be able to put his storytelling talents to use in selling products and services he is passionate about. Mentors exist in myriads of places. If no one person around him can mentor him, perhaps he can glean much needed information and experience from people like you, Dave Ramsey, Dani Johnson, Jon Acuff, Seth Godin, etc. The world is his oyster and opportunities for growth exist outside the box of his own limitations of his thinking. I am preaching to the choir, because sometimes I get caught up in small thinking. However, I am willing to get him started in the right direction by sending him CDs from Dani Johnson that have helped me. If he would like, please have him email me his address and I will gladly send him some CDs.

    Keep Knocking it Outta the Park, Dan! You rock!!


  • Ray Edwards

    Wow, Dan. Homerun episode, and your gift of the course is astonishingly generous. You’re such an inspiration.

    • Dan Miller

      Ah – thanks so much. I like to surprise my readers and listeners now and then just to see if their paying attention. Judging from the results – they were paying attention on this one.