It’s not too late

Dan Miller —  March 14, 2014 — 6 Comments

1. Why should I work if I don’t need the money?

2. How do we recognize “seasons” in our lives?

3. How can I monetize 42,000 hits a month on my website?

4. My husband has been looking for a job for at least three years

5. Will an MBA open all the doors for my career ladder?


“Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.” Vanilla Sky movie


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  • Al Getler

    In relation to the person that wants to teach, but is afraid of a prior arrest, here is some hope.

    I attended an HR season today and the HR professional handed out an interview sheet. On it, I saw this:

    “Disclosure of a criminal record does not automatically disqualify an applicant from employment consideration. Each case must be judged on its own merit, based on job-relatedness, nature, and severity of the conviction and how long ago it occurred.”

    The fact she is becoming known in the school district will be very helpful in addition to the above information.

    Have hope…

    • Dan Miller

      Thanks for that tip. I’m beginning to see companies that specifically hire felons. With our legal system there are a whole lot of reasons these kids end with felonies on their records. Many of them would make ideal employees.

  • Levi Andersen

    Hmmm. Now this person who has a company and is losing motivation to work harder for more money since it wont affect their lifestyle I have one question. Is there a way to teach others to do this? I can think of more than one person who have strong management and other skills who is looking for a new challenge. What about teaching someone new, or helping someone down on their luck learn to master a new skill that will change their life? What a reward.

    • 48DaysDan

      Yeah – stopping because you have enough money for yourself is pretty selfish and shortsighted. Teaching and sharing create a lasting legacy.

      • Levi Andersen

        If they only had 1 week left on earth, I image a few of those hours would be wrapping up the business and handing it off to someone else?

  • Michelle Wright

    I wish I made way more than I needed every month. I could give so much to my church, sponsor more children through World Vision and help a lot more children at Foster’s Home (a place for orphans / kids from troubled homes). Plus when I heard about a need on the news or in the neighborhood, I could anonymously or in person help them out the way so many people have helped me. I could also set up the scholarship funds I want to do one day at my former high school and university. *shrug*