Praying or Procrastinating?

Dan Miller —  February 28, 2014 — 4 Comments

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“Indecision and the unwillingness to take action are often described as patience – or ‘waiting on God.’” — Dan Miller


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  • Joel Boggess

    Hi Dan.

    Excellent quote and closing thought.

    Pei and I were in church yesterday and the choir was leading the congregation in worship. There was one song that got my attention quickly. In short, here’s how it went, “I’m still waiting, I’m still waiting. I’m still waiting.” Here comes the next verse – “I’m not moving…”

    Yikes!. I’m not moving? That’s the problem.

    While I’m sure that the songwriter and the people who sung it had the best of intentions and wanted to express their love and loyalty to God in the way that they knew how best, in my opinion, this is not the message we want to send.

    • 48DaysDan


      Oh that’s great. Yep a lot of people are doing just that. “Waiting and not moving” but then blaming God that nothing has changed.

      • Michelle Wright

        Yeah, that is very true. However, we do need to keep in mind there are times when waiting is appropriate. Especially in a spiritual context. What if the apostles had went out to preach before they had been baptized with the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost? They never would have had the miraculous power God intended to start the New Testament church. (Not to mention they would have disobeyed a direct order from Jesus Christ.) Suppose an eager pedestrian decides to cross the street into oncoming traffic? These are extreme examples to make my point. There ARE times when we should wait…we have to look at the consequences of moving or not moving and whether there are instructions or principles that suggest we need to hold off. If there aren’t, we might be fabricating reasons or just stuck out of fear. (Like Moses when he tried to tell God why he wasn’t fit to be His messenger.)

        I agree many people (including myself) can wait with the excuse of waiting on God, being patient or making sure, but the “SC” in me wants to clarify that there are situations where waiting is expedient and appropriate. I tend to think of it as people like me who are cautious need encouragement to take more action, but people who are naturally “go-getters” and impatient need to be encouraged to weigh the consequences/ be still and listen more….not that one should try to become the other type, but each should remember to seek the benefits of traits they don’t naturally exhibit.

        • 48DaysDan

          You make a great point. We definitely need balance and discernment. I push the issue because I see so many people get trapped in indecision – and nothing changes. Understanding our natural “bent” and adjusting as needed is the real desire.