Are you trapped or just making the same choices?

Dan Miller —  February 7, 2014 — 11 Comments

1. Have you ever known someone whose pessimism was so bad it required counseling?

2. What I am looking for is someone with the right size shoe to kick me out of my nest of complacency.

3. Is there a special strategy to find or start a mastermind group that is worth sticking with from absolute scratch?

4. What if I receive job offers for out-of-state positions when I really want to stay here?

5. I made out a list of 30-40 business ideas, what’s the process for narrowing those down and ultimately landing on one to pursue?


“Poverty is not as much a lack of money as it is a lack of choice. But then that lack of choice is often only an illusion – the choice was there all along.” Dan Miller

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Link to Udemy – for Mastermind course The Ultimate Advantage

  • Jonathan Brown

    Dan could you give a link to the Shultz site please?

    • Joe Lalonde

      Jonathan, here’s a link to the Udemy site –

      • Eric Gale

        Thanks a lot Joe. Just signed up for it and looking forward to starting it.

        • Joe Lalonde

          My pleasure Eric. It looks like a great course. Hope you enjoy it.

  • adam garey

    Hi Dan! About your opportunity for a solution. Is she a Medical Transcriptionist at an office ? Or online? You mention a few things yourself-your friend does have gifts and you though well intending have to consider she is ready to grow and that she can grow! Transriptionists can be at home and as you mention a few weeks ago employers may enjoy that option more than you’d think. She would save money and possibly make more through a “client or two” she did not have before. She may surprise not just you but herself by stepping up..even though there may be some initial hesitations.

  • lucrecer

    Dan, for the young lady who is trying to do better, the money you are helping her to save, could she use it to pursue another career opportunity and gain some training? Anything that allows her to move forward with another income source she had more control over. I can completely relate to being a single mother and the struggles of doing what is best for your family and not relying on the system. She can do this. I think if you help her brainstorm doing something she loves, maybe she can find that opportunity. Best of luck to her.

  • Myhriah Young

    Hey Dan,

    Thank you so much for your podcasts. I have devoured them over the last couple of weeks, and have to go back and take notes on some.

    I have been inspired by the success stories; I love the idea of people going out and being who they want to be, and creating work that they love!!

    I also love your answers. They are very helpful, and now I am feeling so regularly inspired, that I am finding I can’t keep up with my ideas.

    I am a Stay At Home Mom, who got to homeschool my kids, and got to teach in a private school setting, and that helped me realize I am good at teaching, but it wasn’t until I read your book that I realized I was wired this way. My poor younger brother was dragged around playing school when we were little. It hit me!!

    I LOVE SHARING INFORMATION, and I love thinking outside of the box, and I have a ton of ideas for things I want to share or teach on, using different learning styles and just having fun with it. I am creating away, and having a great time.

    Anyways, I could go on, but I just wanted to thank you. I can’t wait to share my success story!!

    Thanks for all you!!

    Myhriah Young

    P.S. Because of the gentleman who talked about whiteboard videos, I was inspired to create this for my daughter to boost her babysitting business, just wanted to share, so thanks to him:

  • Don

    Hey Dan,
    The problem your young friend faces sounds like a problem we faced many years ago. I was married with three kids in a two bedroom apartment and my wife stayed at home. We were just under the income line that permitted my kids reduced lunch prices at school and other benefits. I qualified for a Farmer’s Home Mortgage that would allow us to own our very first home at a subsidized mortgage rate. It was perfect for us! Then my employer gave me a raise a month before we were to move in that disqualified me from my mortgage and threatened our dream! We prayed and prayed and finally I went to my employer and asked him to rescind the raise. He thought I had flipped, but agreed to rescind the raise. We got the home, and that hand up helped us move on to successful and productive lives.
    Perhaps there is a “magic income number” that your friend needs to stay below for a time, that would allow her to retain some assistance until she can accumulate the savings she needs to make the jump. It sounds crazy but this is how the government works sometimes.
    Our prayers are with her.
    Best Regards,

    • Dan Miller

      Don – wow what an interesting real life story about the challenges. I’m still evaluating all the input on Catherine’s situation. There doesn’t seem to be a magic number – any income earned is going to diminish her benefits. Right now it still looks pretty unmanageable. Thanks so much for your input.

  • Darlene C Cote

    Dan – On Bob’s story about his ADHD – here is a potential resource
    Eric Tivers, LCSW, MSSW is a member of Podcast Paradise which John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire set up for new and current podcasters.

    Eric has ADHD and is launching a new podcast at the beginning of March. His goal is to help others who have ADHD and promote a real understanding of people who are associated with someone who has ADHD. The forum just helped him decide on his logo artwork. Just wanted to give this community a heads up of what’s coming in the next weeks from someone whose living with it and is trained to talk about it. His website is:

    The name of his podcast will be ADHD Brain – Wired Differently.

    This is horrible situation and partly why our economics are so skewed

    Dan’s idea of a “magic number” seems extremely worthy to pursue. If nothing else, she has to really know the survivable magic monthly number.

    2. This is “hard” so first she has to wrap her head around the situation and continue going, regardless of the what happens next. I get it. This stinks but she has to get her mind, health, emotion, and spiritual self healthy enough to pursue anything forward. Depending on ages of the kids, I think it would be helpful for her to a honest conversation with the kids. They will sense the stress and openly and honestly addressing it with a strong heart, and “I can do” attitude will help. I understand insolating the kids from “bad stuff” but they sense “bad sense” and letting them know it’s not them through an open conversation of what “can be” said is so helpful to the day to day living

    3. Can she post an ad in the local Craig list – - to search for a roommate; to move her family into a home and help with night time cleaning while she is working, to find another woman in the same situation who together can be stronger for awhile, is there anything she has now to sell to buy some time before a sustainable plan comes through and finally can she post her current skill set and job availability on the list to supplement her current job

    I hope this works out for her and the kids. This situation is not independent and somehow we (America) all need to help figure this out as this situation can be the breeding ground for negative domino effects. Sure there are awesome stories but compared to the opposite ones, this is a growing trend. It almost appears that the worse case situation is ever present. If she can know her #1 and get to #2 herself and with her kids, then perhaps better things will come.
    I hope this works out for her. You and your family are highly commended for giving back and helping her & the kids.

    • Dan

      Thanks so much the new show link – and for your thoughts on Catherine’s situation. Right now it’s still looking pretty unmanageable – just seems she’s going to be penalized for making any progress. We’ll keep exploring new options.