Who are you going to be this year?

Dan Miller —  January 10, 2014 — 3 Comments

1. I feel like a hopeless dreamer with no real sense passion.

2. Can I use Kickstarter to fund my business?

3. What’s that book on how to stop being a people pleaser?

4. The importance of investing in yourself.


“Review your goals for the New Year – what you’d like to do and have. Then go back and shape them based on who you’d like to become this year.” ~ Dan Miller

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  • adam garey

    Thanks Dan for the Motivation-Hey Podcasts are Thee Bmb. yes, I did move somewhere because of a job…and I did enjoy it but missed solid friendships I could have had.Worked crazy hours and did not even step into a church till I left the area-So thinking about it now I guess I miss the “think” time on my own-bachelor and responsibility I had then not the work so much and fellowship and spiritual growth-I backslid terribly-PTL I am doing so much better now . You sound tuckered..praying for ya-New Media Expo or tough weather perhaps hitting you.

  • http://www.findingyourvoiceradio.com/ Joel Boggess

    Excellent first of year podcast!

    I appreciate what you shared about the New Media Expo in general and podcasting specifically. It confirmed many things for me that are sizzled into our 2014 plans.

    Just in case listeners didn’t catch it, the name of the book mentioned on your show is “When Pleasing others is Hurting You”, Dr. Hawkins.
    That book has been phenomenal for me.

  • Douglas Bartholomew

    Dan! Thanks for commenting about my letter on your podcast! Even though my Kickstarter project did not get funded, I think it will work out for the best. I have adjusted my focus and the potential has grown. Thanks for all you do.
    Douglas Bartholomew