I Don’t Beg

Dan Miller —  December 27, 2013 — 14 Comments

This is a holiday version podcast with two simple challenges:

1. I Don’t Beg

2. We all need somebody

“You owe it to yourself to become better at what you do.” Rick Calvert – New Media Expo on Eric Fisher’s Beyond the To Do List podcast.

  • l.Wilson

    Dan, you are brilliant. None of us succeed, excel, or live (properly) without the support of others. And it makes sense to show those who support you that you love them. You’ve reminded me of my thesis for my book. Thank you.

  • http://zenartandillustration.wordpress.com/ Raven Burnes

    My sign would say “I will tell you 3 things that make you great – $0.50.”

    • Michelle Wright

      Wow. That’s a great headline! I’d be so curious, I would give you the $0.50 just to see what you said. Maybe even a tip. What are the three things? (Please don’t make me send money via Paypal.) haha

      • http://zenartandillustration.wordpress.com/ Raven Burnes

        lol! Thanks. So, for you…my sense is that you’re supportive, sought out for wisdom, and compassionate, gifts that make people seek you out.

  • Scott K.

    My sign would say, “Now hiring: professional mentor/coach. 90 days free labor in exchange for your expertise. Apply here.”

    • Michelle Wright

      That’s kind of cute. Took me a minute to get it. That shows you want some guidance to improve yourself AND that you’re wiling to work. I think it would attract the right kind of person to help you. Sounds like you may need to be selective about where you hang out to increase your chances of getting that person…not necessarily a professional coach, but someone with a mindset and mental capacity to help.

  • Michelle Wright

    I think I would juggle different things to draw attention and have a bucket for tips. Maybe a sign that says “I juggle eggs for $0.50.” I could also get free/cheap magazines from the library then offer them for sale or give brief “reports” (summaries) on different topics.

    • 48DaysDan

      Several years ago I “bought” a magazine from a street vendor in Atlanta. Then we walked another half block and I saw a rack of those magazines free for the taking. I laughed as I realized the guy had just created a simple little business for himself.

  • Della

    If I had to resort to holding a sign, it would read, “I don’t beg. I listen, understand, empathize, and remind you — You are not alone!”
    The Vaughan family thanks you for the 48 Days products and podcasts!

    • 48DaysDan

      I’d stop and talk to you with that sign – and probably give you a few dollars as well.

  • adam garey

    Hi Dan and all! Happy New Year!! I pray I would be in an objective and aware mind set if in that situation on the road side..I would do “Crosswalk Theatre” With two other”actors” act on the crosswalk a short play in the garb and pantomiming! And the audience would be drivers..The Sign would be the Marquee..What you said is “Don’t Beg” and though you may refer to on-the-streets The Begging Mindset can happen to sales people and customer service people and any one well employed. A person can toss out Integrity that can displace mind and heart and giving up hurts all.

    You say it all the time ..and it is true: Have Purpose.Heck I forget my words a lot.. Thanks you for your kind words..and PS How romantic you are with your wife! Lord Bless!! I will be listening 2014!

    • 48DaysDan


      Thanks for your comments – yep, Joanne and I have some really special traditions built into our long romance.

  • Eric Spence

    Dan, I would have to borrow a comedic approach that I saw a gentleman in Miami use. His sign said “Need money for karate lessons: Ninja stole my family”. Needless to say he got quite a bit of attention with this sign and he greeted people with a smile that only helped his cause.

  • ScottHarpole

    “I don’t beg. Instead I tell stories. I will tell you a short story starter for $1, a medium story for $5 and a long story for $10″ That would be be sign, if I was in the place of the man that you saw in Chicago!
    Thanks Dan for all of the encouragement you bring. Blessings!