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Dan Miller —  December 13, 2013 — 2 Comments

1. My work has no purpose or meaning but is very profitable.

2. I’m now 35 working a job in telecommunications that I absolutely hate.

3. How can I know about the real “culture” of a company before taking a job there?

4. Here’s the rub. I think I quit my day job too soon.

5. What did you mean when you said “working by the hour will keep you poor!”

6. Should I just accept that my husband is not ambitious and just grin and bear it?

“You can never get rich, or start the creative power into action, by sending out unformed longings and vague desires.” — Wallace Wattles: American author

  • Allan McNutt


    I loved your clarification of “Working by the hour will keep you poor” I was glad to see that you feel that excellence can be found in a JOB, as well as in being self employed. I am self employed and love it, but I have also seen hourly workers do their work with enthusiasm, and excellence!

    I have also seen a disturbing trend of only doing the least amount possible to not get fired among SOME hourly workers, and in the minds of many people I interact with, work is something you do for the least amount of time, and with the least amount of effort. In my world this won’t work, if I don’t bring my A game I will go broke!

    In my opinion excellence can be found in both hourly and self employment, but for goodness sakes if you can’t do your job with enthusiasm, PLEASE do something else, you are painful to watch, and frustrating to deal with!

  • ruis2002

    I don’t know why you would tell a woman to go get an hourly job at Hobby Lobby, but if a man calls in you will tell him that “working by the hour will keep you poor.” I think Christians often encourage women to play small, but the problem with women not stepping up to build a platform is that NON-Christian women really are getting out there and spreading an (oftentimes) anti-Christian viewpoint (or just co-opting Christian messages in a way that is not correct – for example, I recently saw this: — I’m not saying this person is a bad person, but I’m just showing you what is going on out there, beyond the hillbilly enclaves most Christians seem to hole up in, oblivious to the real world). The problem with Christian women playing small, taking hourly jobs, and not putting themselves out there, is that their voices will NEVER be heard in the marketplace. Jesus can’t go viral if you play small, and hide your light under a bushel. There are HUGE numbers of women really killing it online – but almost none of them are Christian women. The vast majority adhere to some sort of new age ideology. Those are the ideas that are spreading – to women everywhere.