Do you feel lost in the wilderness of your life?

Dan Miller —  December 6, 2013 — 3 Comments

1. Should I give up being a chiropractor?

2. How can we encourage our kids to think and act like entrepreneurs?

3. How can I cover any job possibility on my resume?

4. How can I make a case that I am under paid?

5. How can I spend 7 hours a day on my job search if I’m working full time?


Quotation from The Lamp (movie)

“If you could have anything you want in life, without exception, as long as it’s not something you can get on your own, what would it be?”


Other Notes:

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The $100 Startup – Chris Guillebeau

Goals for 2014



  • Gavin Gardner

    Dan, The information you provide is amazing! Thank you for being part of the group who motivate, guide, and inspire me to do my best and reach for more. I’ve turned my 1.5 hour commute into a time of personal growth and learning. You are a huge part of that. THANK YOU!

    • Herbert Tushabe

      Thanks Dan

  • Karl Rosenblum

    Dan, thanks for the ideas on how to teach your kids to be entrepreneurs. I also recommend the book “Rich Dad’s Escape from the Rat Race:How to Become a Rich Kid by Following Rich Dad’s Advice.” It teaches parts of his first book using a comic book format. Its been required reading for both my kids at an early age.