If you’re standing in a corner – Think

Dan Miller —  June 26, 2012 — 11 Comments

It’s an early episode of Andy Griffith, black-and-white, and Opie is about 6 years old. As usual, Andy has arranged a scheme for Barney to capture a fugitive so that Barney’s self-esteem can increase.

In a conversation with his dad about the scheme, Opie asks Andy a fairly important question regarding the timing of the impending arrest.

Andy responds to Opie, “Well son, now that’s a right thoughtful question.”

Opie grins and puffs out his chest, “I thought about it today while I was standing in the corner, Paw!”

Sometimes our best insights seem to come out of the times we’re in the most trouble.  Times when we’re forced to stop and be still.  Times when it seems everything is working against us. Times when we may be attuned for wisdom that comes from unexpected places.

A few years ago I had a very normal, predictable health and fitness business.  We were growing in numbers and revenue.  Then some things in that industry changed and at the same time, banking practices changed.  The combination left me “standing in a corner” with nothing but my thoughts – and major debt.  But in that time I started to envision a business that could grow exponentially without having the normal restraints like employees and building size.  I don’t think I would have thought about the business I have today had I not spent some time in an unpleasant situation.

If you’re standing in a corner today, it’s not a time to just worry and fret over the past.

Don’t overlook the opportunities for new connections and insights to create a future that is richer and more meaningful.

  • http://talesofwork.com/ kimanzi constable

    That’s the beauty of free-will we can choose to get out of the corner and actually do something. The key is to take action today!

    • Epickett

       The trick is finding out WHAT action to take.  That’s where I’m failing….

      • http://talesofwork.com/ kimanzi constable

        If you need a little direction I’d be happy to help: kimanzi@talesofwork.com

  • Allison Martin

    Great post!  I can definitely attest to the fact that some of my best work is a result of “standing in the corner” syndrome.

  • Allison Martin

    Great post!  I can definitely relate because some of my best work is a result of “standing in the corner” syndrome.

  • http://168opportunities.com/ Peder Aadahl

    Encouraging post! I have to admit just having a baby and learning to adjust to different sleeping patterns at times as left me feeling like time is slipping away and I can not get any traction. Like I am not making the most of my  168 Opportunities. 

    However, it has forced me to find new avenues to reach my goals and at times find ways new possibilities that compliment my current hectic life. 

    Where there is a will, there is a way!

    • Kay Powell

      Being a parent is great training ground for becoming more efficient and effective as “your time” is challenged. It’s a great opportunity to be creative and appreciative. Best wishes as you and your baby grow!  

  • http://www.liveyourwhy.net/ Terry Hadaway

    One of the basic principles of adult learning is that adults seek new information in response to a real or perceived need. Some of the most fertile learning opportunities are found in life’s challenges. When we avoid the challenges, we short-circuit our lifelong learning endeavor. If we never have problems, we can lack the motivation to learn. 

  • Kay Powell

    I feel as though I am “in the corner” a lot as I minister to the elderly and disabled in my life and yet need to carve out a new way to make a living. In a lot of ways, I am in a similar situation as Peder who left a comment about a new baby and managing time; there are many demands on my time, but I am determined to continue to progress toward my goal of building a website to minister to women who are over 50 and in similar situations. It all just makes me more dependent on the One who can order all the details of my life to bring Him glory.

  • http://twitter.com/robbymyrick Robby Myrick

    Standing. In the corner.  Thinking!

  • Kjr

    Thank you for this post, and thanks to Terry for the comments which clarified it for me.