Do you "expect" greatness?

Dan Miller —  March 25, 2011 — 3 Comments

“It is the nature of man to rise to greatness if greatness is expected of him.”  – John Steinbeck

This is one of my son Jared’s favorite quotations.  Do you agree?  If it’s true then what are we likely to get if we expect someone to remain insignificant, or stupid, or poor?

  • AshleyRose

    Like Earl Nightingale says, “You are what you think about.” When you focus on the negative, both in yourself and others, this is what you tend to see. Unfortunately, it’s easiest to pick these things out when our nature wants to fix things. People tend to always want to improve things and sometimes forget to appreciate people as they are.

    As a parent, it can be a fine line between allowing your children to be themselves while expecting them to be the best. I don’t expect my girls to be doctors and lawyers, but the bar is set high that I expect them to be great in whatever they do–they are capable of accomplishing powerful things in the world, and I hope we can raise them in such a way that they are fully prepared to shoot for the stars every time–and to fully live up to the amazing people they are.

  • Endtimepodcaster

    I have been floored for the third day in a row in how God has been squeezing my heart about doing something meaningful and rewarding for the good of others. This article has served as another confirmation on how He is moving in my life in a mighty way!

    I am excited however I feel lost and without direction. I need coaching because I know that I can’t do anything great by myself. I really don’t want to do anything great by myself.

    Thank you.

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