How do I get past my fear?

admin —  August 13, 2010 — Leave a comment

1.  What are transferable skills? Can you please give an example of someone who successfully transferred skills from one industry to a different industry?

2.  I know my passion but have spent my whole life avoiding and even sabotaging it due to fear.  Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown, fear of running out of money, etc.  How do I get past my fear so I don’t lose my chance?

3.  I want to do a series of interviews with authors and celebrities that I will turn into products to sell in creative ways.  What are my legal, financial and ethical obligations with the people I interview?

4.  We are trying to relocate back to Colorado, but it is 12 hours away.  We have been following your plan and he even went out to Colorado for interviews, but since he was not currently a “local” he was passed up.  What else can we do to get job offers if we are not a “local”?

5.  Hi Dan, I have some ideas on how to improve a couple of existing products in the pet & lawn care industry, but i have no idea what steps to take next.

6.  I am Rose, an avid fan of all your work.  The other day I heard you have people coming to your events all the way from Columbia? I live in Costa Rica, and I got the craziest idea of proposing you to hold one of those events here. I would love to meet you personally and here there is SO much you could do in regards to adventure tourism, nature tourism, volcanoes, beaches, rivers, canopy, a huge variety of forests, scuba diving, dolphin/whale watching, etc.